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Azerbaijan pays great attention to protection of children's rights - minister

Tue 01 June 2010 17:15 GMT | 22:15 Local Time
Misir Mardanov

Education Ministry, UNICEF hold event on Children's Rights Protection Day.

The Ministry of Education holds an event on the International Day of Protection of Children's Rights involving Minister Misir Mardanov, UNICEF president Mark Herevard and others.

Mardanov said Azerbaijan pays a great attention to protection of children's rights in particular, those who are deprived of parental care as well as disabled children.

'Today our country is implementing a state program, as well as different projects in cooperation with the  state structures, NGOs and international organizations primarily aimed at observation of children's rights', he said.

A report about the activity of the Children's Hotline which offers services to underage children was also made at the event.

This line recorded 265 appeals in three months.

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