Azerbaijan starts snail export

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Azerbaijan issues 1400 mortgage loans in 5 months

04.11.2009 19:59 GMT

In five months 1400 families have received mortgage loans from the Azerbaijani mortgage fund under the country’s central bank since the mortgage lending resumed in the country.

SOCAR planning to buy biggest share in Italian oil refinery

04.11.2009 19:54 GMT

The state oil company of Azerbaijan intends to buy a significant share in an oil refinery in Italy in 2010, Reuters reports with reference to company’s top manager.

SOFAZ ranks high in Linaburg-Maduell Transparency Index

04.11.2009 19:10 GMT

The State Oil Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan ranks among the highest in the Linaburg-Maduell Transparency Index.

Nabucco pipeline consortium: Azerbaijan is already an important gas supplier

04.11.2009 17:38 GMT

News.Az interviews Christian Dolezal, spokesperson for the Nabucco Gas Pipeline Project. The Nabucco pipeline will connect the Caspian region, Middle East and Egypt via Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary with Austria and the gas markets of central and Western Europe.

Turkey’s energy minister: We continue negotiating gas supplies with Azerbaijan

04.11.2009 15:40 GMT

"We are not planning to raise gas prices for population so far. We are in process of negotiations with Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijani government to increase government investments in 30-40 transport projects in 2010

04.11.2009 14:50 GMT

The Azerbaijani government does not plan to reduce government investments in reconstruction projects and development of transport infrastructure.

Oil Fund of Azerbaijan to finance development of alternative power engineering in country

04.11.2009 14:49 GMT

The State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan (SOFAZ) will finance new for itself directions of investment policy of the state in 2010.

Romania keen to push through Nabucco gas pipeline project

04.11.2009 14:22 GMT

Romanian President Traian Basescu has said that the participants in the Nabucco gas pipeline project should join forces to see the project through.

Azerbaijanis planning to build new port in Georgia

04.11.2009 13:42 GMT

The construction of a new port replacing Batumi port in Georgia is scheduled, Georgian Alia newspaper reports.

Azerbaijan seeks Korean funding for Baku Bay bridge design work

04.11.2009 13:18 GMT

The Ministry of Transport is working on an agreement with the Korean International Co-operation Agency (KOICA) on a grant to fund the feasibility study and preliminary design work for a road bridge across Baku Bay, Azerbaijani Deputy Transport Minister Musa Panakhov has said.

Design work continues on new commercial port in Azerbaijan

04.11.2009 13:16 GMT

Work is continuing on the plans for a new commercial sea port at Alat, south of the Azerbaijani capital, Baku.

Azerbaijan ready to raise foreign borrowing to finance hefty 2010 budget deficit

04.11.2009 13:10 GMT

The Azerbaijani government will increase domestic and foreign borrowing and issue securities to make up the deficit in the draft 2010 budget, Finance Minister Samir Sharifov has said.

150,000 families in Azerbaijan to receive target social aid in 2010

03.11.2009 22:03 GMT

Targeted social assistance will be paid to about 140,000 to 150,000 families in 2010, Ilgar Rahimov, deputy minister of labor and social protection, told reporters on Tuesday.

Turkey to raise price of Azerbaijani gas for inner consumers

03.11.2009 21:48 GMT

As negotiations with Azerbaijan are nearing the close and the price on gas may be high for Turkey, Botas intends to consider rise in gas price for internal consumers, according to Hurriyet newspaper.

Azerbaijan plans 53.3 million tons of oil production in 2010

03.11.2009 21:03 GMT

Sevinj Hasanova, deputy minister for economic development, has said that in 2010 the forecast on country’s oil production is 53.3 million tons of oil.

Oil sector will bring mere AZN 1.53 bn of tax revenues to Azerbaijan’s budget

03.11.2009 20:36 GMT

The bill on the state budget of Azerbaijan for 2010, recommended for discussion at the plenary session of the parliament, envisages moderate revenues from the oil sector.

Gas production from Azerbaijan's Oily Rocks to go up to one billion cubic metres per day

03.11.2009 20:12 GMT

The State Oil Company's Oily Rocks (Neft dashlari) oil and gas production department is planning to raise gas extraction to one billion cubic metres per day by the end of 2009, according to the department's deputy chief, Madat Bagirov.

Azerbaijan's draft budget for 2010 recommended for adoption in parliament

03.11.2009 20:01 GMT

A joint session of five parliamentary committees has considered the state budget for 2010 and recommended it for submission to a plenary session of Azerbaijan's parliament, the Milli Majlis.

Swiss-Azerbaijani cooperation developing rapidly - Swiss ambassador

03.11.2009 18:43 GMT

President Ilham Aliyev's visit to Switzerland in October is evidence of the good relations between Baku and Bern, Switzerland's ambassador to Azerbaijan, Alain Guidetti, told a press conference today.

Ilham Aliyev attends ground-breaking ceremony of hard wastes disposal facility - PHOTOS

03.11.2009 18:08 GMT


Azeri president attends ground-breaking ceremony of hard wastes disposal facility

03.11.2009 16:47 GMT

On November 3 President of Azerbaijan attended a ground breaking ceremony of the hard wastes disposal facility.

IMF: Azerbaijan’s nominal GDP to reach record $51.9 bn in 2010

03.11.2009 15:19 GMT

According to International Monetary Fund’s Regional Economic Outlook, Azerbaijan is to achieve a record in 2010 on nominal gross domestic product for entire history of its independence.

Baku stock exchange turnover tops AZN 3 bn

02.11.2009 21:54 GMT

In January-October of 2009 the total turnover of exchange deals on all tools at the Baku stock exchange made AZN 3,045,349.

Azerbaijan’s 2010 state budget envisages no funding for the activities within the NATO Partnership for Peace and IPAP

02.11.2009 21:25 GMT

Azerbaijan’s state budget for 2010 envisages AZN 24 945 644 for improvement in salary and pension benefits in the defense and security sector, and financing social measures.

IMF: money transfers from abroad make mere 3.4% of Azerbaijan’s GDP

02.11.2009 21:19 GMT

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has ascertained lack of Azerbaijani economy dependence on money transfers from abroad.

New global projects to be presented at BakuTel-2009

02.11.2009 21:05 GMT

Several global projects will be presented at the 15th jubilee Azerbaijan International Exhibition and Conference “Telecommunications and Information Technologies” - BakuTel-2009.

Idea of primary real estate participants’ club was suggested in Azerbaijan

02.11.2009 20:37 GMT

The Baku Realtors’ Association (BRA) has come forward today with a proposal to set up a special club for participants of primary real estate market.

Executive Credit Agency’s portfolio reached $80 million by October

02.11.2009 20:31 GMT

ECA established by the alliance headed by Turkey’s G&G for spending ADCP-1 credit component was acquired by AKIA in 2005.

Azerbaijan and Czechia conclude agreement on economic cooperation and establish joint commission

02.11.2009 18:50 GMT

Azerbaijani Minister of Economic Development of Shakhin Mustafayev and Czech Ambassador to the country Radek Matula signed an intergovernmental agreement on economic, scientific and technical and cultural cooperation.

HP general director for CIS links steady development in Azerbaijan comminacation technologies sphere

02.11.2009 17:18 GMT

Stable growth of the market of information & communications technologies (ICT)in Azerbaijan is linked first of all with sustainability of country’s economy.

Azerbaijani parliament to discuss draft law on 2010 state budget for four days

02.11.2009 17:15 GMT

Draft law on Azerbaijan’s state budget for 2010 will be discussed in the parliament for four days.

Azerbaijan bans privatization of lands with communication lines

02.11.2009 16:27 GMT

Ilham Aliyev, the president of Azerbaijan, has signed a decree on additions to the Second State Privatization Programme endorsed on 10 August 2000.

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