Azerbaijan is becoming a space country - Ilham Aliyev

Thu 17 January 2013 06:34 GMT | 10:34 Local Time

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It has been said that in the next month our first telecommunications satellite will be launched into orbit.

This is a historic event.

The statement came from President Ilham Aliyev at the Cabinet meeting.

"Azerbaijan is becoming a country of space. We are engaged in the development of the space industry. Several years ago it was hard to imagine that the time will come and Azerbaijan will join the ranks of space countries. But the time is coming, and in the next few days we will celebrate the historic event. This in itself is in every sense a great achievement – both for the prestige of the country and for its modernization and development new technologies.

This is beneficial for business, as it is at the same time an economically viable project. But the most important is that it demonstrates the development and intentions of our country, demonstrates generally our outlook and politics. This is because we are building a modern and strong state. We have long gone beyond regional boundaries.

We have long left the name of a post-Soviet country. We are not a post-Soviet country. When sometimes in meetings with foreign partners, they say "post-Soviet countries", and I say, "Wait. Azerbaijan is not a post-Soviet country. Perhaps some are post-Soviet countries, but we are not. We are the independent state of Azerbaijan". During this period of independence, we really have made such great progress that every citizen of Azerbaijan can be proud of. Among them, the satellite launch has a special place. It has a great essence and a symbolic meaning.

I am sure that this event in the future will accelerate our steps in the direction of modernization and development. Given this event and, in general, the attention to ICT and the progress in this field, I declare 2013 the "Year of ICT" and I believe that in 2013 we should achieve in this area even greater successes," said the head of state.




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