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Thu 19 Sep 2013 02:13 GMT | 06:13 Local Time

Text size: bigger smaller reports citing the official website of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic that on September 18 , Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev attended the opening of a memorial complex of genocide created in Guba with the support of the Heydar Aliyev Center.

After reviewing the complex, the President met with members of the public of Guba.

 The Head of State spoke at the ceremony:

"Today we have gathered for the opening of a memorial complex of genocide in Guba. In March and July 1918 , the Armenian gangs committed genocide against the civilian population , we can say, on the whole territory of Azerbaijan. For five months, more than 50,000 of our fellow citizens have been victims of the Armenian fascism. In Baku, Guba district, Shamakha , Gusar. Irevan , Nakhchivan , Zangezur , Karabakh, Lankaran, almost on all Azerbaijani lands, we suffered from genocide. The creation of this memorial is a historical event . As you know, a mass grave was discovered  during excavation works held in 2007.

After that, here were sent to scientists and experts , carried out important research. As a result of the research it became clear that thousands of our fellow citizens were brutally and mercilessly killed here by Armenian gangs . In late 2009, I signed a Decree on the establishment of a memorial complex in Guba genocide, and since 2011 has begun. Today we are opening the memorial .

I can say that in Azerbaijan for the first time created a memorial . The complex has a very impressive design , its architecture is very great symbolic meaning. In short, the exhibits demonstrated here are our history . At the same time, created a memorial complex exposure is very great sense. At the entrance to the complex reflects the peaceful times of Guba district. Families , citizens are peaceful life. After that reflects the bloody days , perpetrated atrocities against civilians . I believe that due to the very right of the final design of the exposition people leave here with optimism. Since the liberation of Baku from the Armenian gangs like is the final point of the exhibition.

Scientists and experts were sent there and important research was carried out. As a result of the research it became clear that thousands of our fellow citizens were brutally and mercilessly killed here by Armenian gangs. In late 2009, I signed a Decree on the establishment of a memorial complex of Guba genocide and the work was launched in 2011. Today we are opening the memorial complex.

I can say that it is the first time that such a memorial complex is created in Azerbaijan. The complex has a very impressive design , its architecture has a very great symbolical meaning. In short, the exhibits demonstrated here are our history. At the same time, the exposition created in the memorial complex has a great meaning. The peaceful times of the Guba province are featured at the entry to the complex. The bloody days, as well as the evil against the civilians are reflected here. I believe that owing to the right finishing of the final part of the exposition, people leave here with optimism, since the liberation of Baku from the Armenian band formation is like a final point in exposition.

People who died here are the representatives of different religions and nationalities. Their only ‘fault’ was that they were not the representatives of the Armenian nationality.

The Azerbaijan Democratic Republic created a special investigation commission in 1918. The commission  launched work but after the collapse of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic in 1920 it naturally ceased working. The activity of the commission was incomplete. In addition, certainly, at that time our capacities to inform the world about this tragedy, about this massacre were very limited.

The exposition of the memorial complex also reflected the regulation on genocide of Azerbaijanis signed by great leader Heydar Aliyev. It fixes that a commission was created at the decision of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic and the work which was not fulfilled by the commission is being completed by the independent state of Azerbaijan.

The legal and political assessment was given to this genocide for the first time in 1998.

Naturally, as the history was falsified in the Soviet times, this truth was hidden. For many years, the bandits who shed the blood of the Azerbaijani people-their cursed names are indicated there-Shaumyan and many others were presented to us as heroes. I believe that this is a great tragedy, since for many years the elements that committed atrocities against our people were presented as heroes in the Soviet history and monuments were established in their honor.

In period of independence alone, we restored the real justice. We got rid of these monuments in our beautiful city, our Baku and beautiful parks have been created here, including the Sahil park. That is the history, justice have won. Today we are getting back to our history. We know, we should know all moments of history. The young generation should also be aware of the disasters that our people faced in the past. As at that time the Armenian fascism was not given the right assessment, consequently in different periods of history, Armenian fascism demonstrated its predatory nature.

Armenian bandits who served Hitler during the Second World War are considered as heroes in Armenia, monuments are established for them. This shows that the ideology of the modern Armenian state is also built on fascism. I believe that the Armenian fascism must be broadly investigated by Azerbaijani scientists. I consider that serious works must be created on the basis of historical parallels. I am glad that over the past years including by my initiative, our scientists created full-pledged and sapid works about the Iravan khanate, our historical lands. We must bring this history to younger generation. For example, the history of announcing Iravan the capital of Armenia was not known to many, when we raised this issue, drew attention to it on the basis of historical facts. And already everyone in Azerbaijan knows and the world knows that the declaration of Iravan as the capital of the Armenian state based on a decision adopted by the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic. Therefore, I believe that huge scientific works reflecting the historical truth must be created. Part of them has already been created. But I believe that we need to pay even more serious attention to this issue. The issue of settling Armenians on our historical lands is not sufficiently covered in Azerbaijani science. We all know well that  Armenians were settled in Nagorno Karabakh, the integral land of Azerbaijan, in the first half of the 19th century from Eastern Anadolu and Persia. They settled there and then started their provocations against Azerbaijani civilians. That is this historical parallel, further the Baku genocide, Guba genocide, crimes committed by Armenian fascism in the years of the Second World War and the next manifestations of Armenian fascism at the end of the last century must be broadly investigated in the Azerbaijani historical science and serious works must be created.

As I have said, Armenian fascism has manifested itself in the late 1980s-early 1990s. We remember this history well. In two weeks after the great leader Heydar Aliyev was released from the post in the Soviet government, Armenian nationalists raised the issue of secession of Nagorno Karabakh from Azerbaijan and its annexation from Armenia. The then Soviet leadership, primarily, the then leader Gorbachev and Armenian nationalists in his surrounding committed great crimes against the Azerbaijani people. The Black January events are the actions of Gorbachev.

The crimes committed against our people before and after this are quite well studied in history. At that time, the factor of Heydar Aliyev tied Armenians’ hands. In the Soviet time-up to 1969 Armenians repeatedly addressed the Soviet government in connection with the annexation of Nagorno Karabakh to Armenia. The appeals were made even on the official level. But the determination and very serious protests of Heydar Aliyev prevented this. It was followed by the period of Heydar Aliyev’s activity in the Soviet leadership. At that time Armenians, certainly, did not have any opportunities for provocations. But in November of 1987-in two weeks after great leader Heydar Aliyev was released from his post-this issue was raised and it is possible to say that the process of genocide against Azerbaijan started anew from that very period. Provocations were made, Soviet and world press created a false and distorted opinion on this issue. The Khojaly genocide was committed as a result in 1992. This tragedy occurred before the eyes of the entire world. That is we see it not on the example of an unfounded mythology, such as the myth ‘about Armenian genocide’ but on the basis of the real facts. Video materials, photos, testimonies of live witnesses-this is the truth, the reality. But for some reason, some people do not want to notice it, while  other still try to present Armenians as victims. Certainly, there are reasons for this. The world Armenian lobby and some corrupted politicians under their control are fully distorting history, tring to shift the full blame on Azerbaijan. This injustice continues nowadays. During the Khojaly genocide, Armenians brutally killed 613 innocent people. If our countrymen, lying here, were killed with a cold weapon and blunt objects, in Khojaly, our countrymen were killed with guns and grenades. Hundreds of people went missing. In Khojaly, Armenians killed 63 children and 106 women. This is an unseen atrocity.

Today the Azerbaijani state and public structures working in Azerbaijan, primarily, the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, hold here a huge work for the recognition of the Khojaly genocide as the act of genocide in the world. I would especially like to note the activity of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and creation of the Guba memorial complex of genocide. In the initiation and successful continuation  of the campaign ‘Justice for Khojaly!” of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, our diaspora organizations and, certainly, the Azerbaijani state are also hitting the same point and we are gradually attaining the desired. Several countries have officially recognized Khojaly genocide as the act of genocide and this process continues.

In order to secure from such tragedies in the future, the Armenian fascism must receive due assessment on the world scale. But, unfortunately, injustice continues. I remember the unfounded grounds that were sounded against me for the return home and release of the Azerbaijani officer-Ramil Safarov, the attacks of foreign hypocritical ofpoliticians against me. The European parliament even adopted a resolution on this issue and condemned my steps. But today I can say with a complete determination that Azerbaijan released its officer and restored justice. But see how many unfounded accusations were made against Azerbaijan in the world press and in different international organizations.

Certainly, these accusations could not have any impact, since no force can influence the will, the decision of the Azerbaijani state. We have restored justice and we will never retreat in our policy.  But why those, who spoke on this issue, today do not see the monuments to fascists in Armenia? Why are Armenian terrorists who committed terrorist attacks, including in European countries, are freed and extradited to Armenia, where they are treated as heroes? Why do they not see it? How long will this injustice continue? Our world recognized lands have been under occupation for already 20 years. Nagorno Karabakh is a historical land of Azerbaijan. When Azerbaijan joined the UN, it was a single state, No one questions our territorial integrity. So why do the four resolutions of the UN Security Council remain on paper? All these questions remain without answers. We know the answers to these questions.

We know the reasons why this issue remains unsettled and state it openly. But these issues must not hang in air, it is necessary to put an end to this injustice.

Our lands are under occupation, our historical lands and mosques are destroyed, our museums are robbed, all the cities are razed to the ground. This memorial complex reflects the views of Shamakha. Here there are the images of one of the most ancient mosques in the ancient Muslim world-the Shamakha mosque in a disastrous state. In May of this year, we restored the Shamakha Juma mosque, which was built in 743. Today this mosque is again open to the religious people. Genocide was committed, all historical monuments were destroyed. The images of destroyed Shamakha featured on the images in this memorial complex are being repeated again. Agdam, Fizuli, Shusha are in such a state today and this was done by Armenians. Those, who have done this, are trying to present themselves as a cultural nation. But those, who have done this, have the only name-savages! There is no other name to this.

Unfortunately, the norms of international law are not working. The resolutions of international organizations remain on paper, injustice continues. In such a case, certainly, the growing Azerbaijani state must rely and relies only on its power like it is reflected in the final exposition of this memorial complex. 95 years ago as a result of the activity of the Caucasus Islamic army and the fights carried here with local forces, Baku was cleared of Armenians. If the norms of international law are not restored and Armenia continues its aggressive policy, our army will have a final say. Today we have a power to do this.

Today the Azerbaijani army is the strongest army of this region-the South Caucasus. Today Azerbaijan has completely used the potential created for us in the years of independence. If there was a parity in economic and military spheres between Armenia and Azerbaijan, today there is not a single trace of this parity. Over the past decade we have passed a great way. Ten years ago, the state budgets of Azerbaijan and Armenia were almost on the same level. Today our state is almost 10 times higher than the budget of Armenia. Only the means that we spent for military purposes, are almost 30-50% higher than the overall state budget of Armenia. We have received a great advantage on all other parameters-in economic and political spheres, in terms of the role that we play in the world community. Today Azerbaijan is a member of the UN Security Council and it enjoys the great support of the world community. Today we have already entered the cosmic space. We have a satellite. Our economic development is very rapid, including in this-Guba-Gusar area, much has been done here over the past years.  The cities and villages are being improved, investments are made. The demographic situation here is very positive. Our population constitutes already nearly 9,500,000 people.

That is, all these factors confirm our strength and are the result of the thorough policy. By its actions and statements Armenia openly admits that it is unable to ensure its security. We have known this long before. I think that all parties dealing with the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno Karabakh conflict know this. But today Armenia is obliged to admit it. It has to admit its helplessness, its powerlessness against us, the fear it lives with. I have once said that Armenian people should not fear us, they should fear their leadership. They should fear the blood-thirsty, predatory, bandit and criminal leadership, which commits atrocities against their own people, fires at their own people. The longer the current leadership of Armenia is at power, the sooner Armenia will collapse and the sooner the historical justice will be restored. I am absolutely convinced that Azerbaijan will restore its territorial integrity.  This is proven by all factors-ratio of forces, international, economic and military factors. But time goes on. We merely want this to occur as soon as possible. But this must take place comprehensively and fully. The territorial integrity of Azerbaijan must be restored in full, the state flag of Azerbaijan must be raised in Shusha and Khankandi and in the future Azerbaijanis must live on all of their historical lands. Our historical lands are the Iravan khanate, Goycha, Zangezur mahals. One day we will also live there. I believe in it and I am sure of it. In order to reach this, each of us must take efforts, each of us must make this holy day closer with his deeds.

Today is a historical day. I want to repeat that the creation of the Guba memorial complex of genocide carries a historical sense. Such a memorial complex is being created in Azerbaijan for the first time and this memory will always live in our hearts.

May all our martyrs rest in peace!”




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