Information on Wikileaks proves all our statements fair - Azerbaijani MP

Tue 30 November 2010 13:02 GMT | 17:02 Local Time

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Asim Mollazade

News.Az interviews Asim Mollazade, chairman of the Party of Democratic Reforms and member of parliament.

How would you comment on the fact that Wikileaks has received access to secret diplomatic telegrams of the United States whose content was released by the world leading mass media?

I do not think there is a need to search any conspirophobic theories in this issue. Everything is just simple-Wikileaks has received access to a great volume of secret information, containing the diplomatic telegrams of the United States and released this information in the leading world mass media. Certainly, the very fact of publication of such a secret information affects the US image, may cause the loss of trust to  the US diplomacy. In order to minimize all negative implications, the United States must hold huge work for the leak of information not to occur in the future.

In other words, do you exclude that we are facing just simple, competent and highly professional disinformation?

Given the reaction of the US officials to the secret diplomatic materials from Wikileaks in leading world mass media, this is not disinformation.

How can you comment on the statement in British Guardian which referring to Wikileaks published a quite sharp letter, sent to the Armenian leadership on 24 December 2008, in which the high ranking officials of the United States threaten to apply sanctions if the Armenian government does not stop the arms supplies to Iran via its territory which has caused the death of the US soldiers to Iraq?

Azerbaijan has repeatedly stated on the highest level that Armenia, which occupied 20% of its territory is involved in arms trade, transferring it to very dangerous terrorist groupings. The information, released thanks to the secret diplomatic documents on Wikileaks proves that all our statements were fair. I am confident that unless Azerbaijani lands are under occupation, unless the Nagorno Karabakh and seven adjacent regions are unavailable for monitoring, there is a serious risk of deepening the problems of the sale of arms to terrorists by the Armenian leadership, especially that the current leadership of Armenia consists of criminal and half-criminal personalities, associated with world crime, which has been proven by the recent exposing of a criminal grouping associated with falsification of medical insurance in the United States, headed by kingpin Armen Kazaryan (called Pzo), who, by the information of Armenian mass media, had links with the current and previous leadership of Armenia. As is known, FBI has recently visited Armenia and presented the list of 30 persons associated with this crime to the country’s leadership but the latter refused to surrender these persons thus indirectly confirming its links with the band which robbed the ordinary Americans. I think all these facts will lead the United States to the understanding of the real essence of the Armenian leadership and will make the necessary conclusions in their mutual relations with this country.

Is the activity of Armenian criminality limited to Armenia?

No, there is also “virtual Armenia”, “consisting of criminal and half-criminal elements from among representatives of the Armenian diaspora in different countries of the world. Their activity is a serious threat not only for the South Caucasus, but also for all these countries where representatives of virtual Armenia have rooted. Therefore, we have repeatedly stated the need to coordinate efforts to fight Armenian crime, which has already become a headache for the whole world community.

Akper Hasanov

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