21 April 2014 | 09:31
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Society says 'no to radicalism'

Mon 04 April 2011 05:40 GMT | 10:40 Local Time
Mubariz Gurbanly

'Radical opposition’s attempt to hold political action in illegal, unsanctioned venue failed'.

The statement came from YAP deputy executive secretary Mubariz Gurbanly while taking stance on action of the Public Chamber.

To him, this attempt once more shows that, Azerbaijani citizens, society say 'no to radicalism: 'That is why, nobody joined today’s (Saturday) action'.

Note that, Public Chamber party leaders – Isa Gambar (Musavat), Ali Karimli (APFP), Yusif Bagirzadeh (AMIP) said that the action took place.


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