Event on Karabakh could make the problem more known in Mexico

Fri 27 Jan 2012 12:20 GMT | 16:20 Local Time

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News.Az interviews Dr. Angel Alonso Diaz-Caneja, Senator, Head of foreign relations Committee, Mexico.

How would you assess bilateral ties between Azerbaijan and Mexico?

I believe they’re kind of “newborns”, because our relations began to grow since 1992 and right now both countries are trying to define the bilateral agenda so that each country would take the best out of it.

What are the prospects of cooperation between Azerbaijan and Mexico?

Certainly I think the most important one is the energy sector, because of the quantity of natural resources that both countries have. It is necessary to begin with trading experiences in the field especially in terms of petroleum.

Which spheres of cooperation may be most successful?

There are certain areas that can be enhanced such as: international cooperation through diplomatic agreements, the collaboration in the academic field by promoting student exchange, improvement of the political bonds between México and Azerbaijan and exploring options for touristic encounters.

Are there plans to open the Mexican embassy in Baku?

Not for the moment. The issue of budget for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in México right now is a little bit difficult that’s why  this proposal will have to wait a bit more.

The Chamber of Deputies of Mexico’s Congress adopted decision related to Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict over Nagorno Karabakh and condemned occupation of Azerbaijani territories by Armenia. This decision was welcomed in Azerbaijan. What can you say about this decision? 

This decision was taken by the Mexican Congress in December 2011, Now it is the turn of the President to fullfill his goal, but I am aware that he has expressed his wish that the problem will be resolved promptly and the peace returns son to the region.

People in Armenia were angry with this decision, especially in recognition of a genocide in Khojaly. May the Parliament of Mexico make another one decision on this conflict in the future? And what should be done to make the Karabakh problem more known in Mexico?

First we need to solve the proposition that we have on our hands and then there will be a possibility of making another decision in this matter.

A good way for making this problem more known in Mexico, could be by organizing a special event where the main theme would be Azerbaijan, and there could be a part of the presentation where the Nagorno Karabakh issue could be presented so people that attend the event, especially media, could find more about the situation and spread the information about it.




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