Unhidden hypocrisy of US mediators or how to resist humiliation

Thu 09 February 2012 06:44 GMT | 10:44 Local Time

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Edward Nalbandian

At a meeting with Armenian FM Edward Nalbandian US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke of the need to resolve the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict only peacefully.

The meeting was held on Saturday evening in Munich as part of the 48th  International Conference on Security Policy, RIA Novosti reported citing the news service of the Armenian Foreign Ministry.

"Karabakh problem can be solved only peacefully. The United States as the OSCE Minsk Group co-chair will continue to provide valuable assistance in reaching agreements between the parties in resolving the conflict and the problem ", Armenian Foreign Ministry’s news service quotes Clinton as saying.

American foreign policy has always been aggressive, extremely selfish and unprincipled. But if earlier US officials tried to cover it up with some ideals, for example, democratic, today they hide absolutely nothing,  behave deliberately insolently, rudely and defiantly.

Karabakh problem can be solved only peacefully, Clinton said. The question is: why does she think so? Who said it and for what reason? Were our lands separated peacefully? And why does the United States decide how to solve the problem that does not belong to them? Why can the situation in Syria be solved by only military means, but the Karabakh conflict can be settled only peacefully?

What does she mean? Is it a kind of a message to the parties, saying the United States is against war? Well, I do not care what the US opposes if their hypocritical policy cannot contribute to the peaceful REAL SOLUTION to the conflict.

The United States continues to provide valuable assistance in reaching an agreement between the conflicting parties in resolving the problem, says Clinton. Words and words again. How long will we bear it?

I'd like to know what the US Secretary of State mean when she said that her country helps  solve the problem? How do they help? By constantly blackmailing both sides of the conflict?

Or may be they do help by solving their interests in the Caucasus, trying to resist Russia and totally neglecting the fate of millions of people in the region? No, dear Americans, problems cannot be solved this way. Or ... well, at least do not say that you are contributing to the solution.

It could be understood if the statement came from Dmitriy Medvedev and Vladimir Putin.

Russia has been the only mediator who has really been trying to promote a breakthrough in the conflict (the ways they used is a subject of a different discussion).

But what we see then? Americans appear as soon as the parties are close to agreement, before the meetings of the presidents of Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia and after them, Obama’s envoys came to Baku and Yerevan, they communicated some messages, probably, even threatened, promised, predicted and… that’s all. And nothing else.

Hillary Clinton, who hardly knows the reason of the Karabakh conflict, is completely indifferent to the fate of a million of Azerbaijani refugees and to our lives.

Today, anyone except Azerbaijan benefits from protracting the conflict. A whole generation which did not feel the pain and can hardly feel it today has grown up in these 20 years. To grow up when everyone tells you about the events at the end of the 1980’s and early 1990’s is not the same when you have to go through these on-line. I do not mean that the current young generation does not feel anything towards the occupied lands. I want to say that the process is neglected. There is an entire generation of people who were born and grew up without Karabakh. In a dozens of years, the number of such people will even grow with all implications.

I was born in 35 years after the Second World War ended. Historically, 35 years are nothing. A drop in the ocean of time. We have been told about war since early ages, raised in the spirit of hatred towards fascists and the endless love towards the heroes who defended their lands.

But can I have the same feelings with the persons who were the victims of fascist occupation, who were on the front, who witnessed the war, at least thousands of kilometers from the front line, passing their days and nights at the radio and waiting for the news of death? No I cannot.

The same is with our children. Our youth will never suffer the same feelings that we have. This means that in the future such cynics and unprincipled people as Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Nicolas Sarkozy will find it easier to agree with the conflict parties on the further resolution of the conflict by peaceful means.

But I do not want this. I fear that our next generations may make an inadmissible compromise. I have to repeat that it will not seem so inadmissible to them. But anyway this step cannot be done.

Therefore, protraction of the conflict is favorable both for Armenia and the mediators that use Karabakh conflict as a means of pressure on the conflict parties.

I am convinced that I will see the fair solution of the conflict. Anyway, I have a big hope for this.

Hamid Hamidov




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