24 April 2014 | 13:29
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Azerbaijan 'not Israel's secret staging ground'

Tue 03 April 2012 04:12 GMT | 09:12 Local Time

Foreign Policy magazine has published a rebuttal of an article alleging that Azerbaijan is allowing Israel to use an airfield for an attack on Iran.

The rebuttal, entitled "Azerbaijan is not Israel's secret staging ground", was written by Nargiz Gurbanova, a counselor at Azerbaijan's embassy in Washington.

News.Az reprints the article below.

"I was most surprised to read a very provocative and unsubstantiated article by Mark Perry in your publication ("Israel's Secret Staging Ground").

"The author arrives at wide ranging allegations based on unnamed sources and rather convoluted commentary. Clearly upset about Azerbaijan's friendly relations with Israel, Perry, for some reason, equates a historic friendship between the Azerbaijani and Jewish people into preparing for a war against Iran.

"This unreasonable accusation makes no sense in terms of geography - Azerbaijan doesn't border Israel and contradicts the clearly stated policy of Azerbaijan not to allow use of its territory against any neighbor. In fact, Azerbaijan's commitment to promoting regional peace has been demonstrated by its involvement in the ongoing talks with Armenia for the last two decades in spite of the latter's illegal occupation of the internationally recognized Azerbaijani lands.

"Perry's article is an interesting piece of fiction. Whether it was driven by a special political agenda or vivid imagination, your publication seems as an odd choice for such speculative writing."


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