20 April 2014 | 13:55
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Turkish envoy proposes September 15 to be holiday in Azerbaijan

Fri 14 September 2012 09:12 GMT | 14:12 Local Time
Hulusi Kilic

'Nuri Pasha’ monument has already been erected in the yard of Turkish embassy in Azerbaijan. Our wish such a monument to be also erected in one of the outstanding places of Baku'.

The statement came from Turkish minister Hulusi Kilic at his presided farewell meeting, APA reports.

The ambassador also made another proposal.

Hulusi Kilic stressed that he’d like September 15 to be celebrated as an official holiday in Azerbaijan: “September 15 is a day when Baku was liberated from Armenian-Bolshevik gangs. We’d like this day to be proclaimed as “Baku Holiday” and to be celebrated as an official holiday, as this date is very important in the history of Azerbaijan”.


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