24 April 2014 | 22:27
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'Zhirinovsky is not only Azerbaijanis, but also all Turkish people's enemy'

Fri 21 September 2012 07:18 GMT | 12:18 Local Time
Bayram Safarov

The chairman of the Public Union of Azerbaijani Organization of Nagorno Karabakh Bayram Safarov commented on the terrorist statements against Azerbaijan made by the chairman of Russian Liberal-Democratic Party Vladimir Zhirinovsky at the meeting in Moscow.

APA reports that Safarov said that there wasn’t any need to speak about Zhirinovsky at all.

“Zhirinovsky is not only Azerbaijanis, but also all Turkish people’s enemy. Armenian special service bodies always threaten Azerbaijan. Armenians continue committing terrorist acts through the world. They deny to give up their terrorist policy even now”, - said Safarov.

He mentioned that Azerbaijan must be very careful in such situations: “The security of mass media, different stations, airports, higher and secondary schools must be bolstered. Every Azerbaijani must inform law-enforcement bodies in case of any danger. Each of us must protect Azerbaijan”.


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