Azerbaijan-made sniper rifle IST-12.7 presented at int'l fair

Thu 23 September 2010 06:44 GMT | 11:44 Local Time

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IST-12.7 sniper rifle produced by the Defense Industry Ministry of Azerbaijan is demonstrated at the international fair for the first time.

IST-12.7, which is a comparatively smaller model of 14.5 rifle of millimetric caliber Istiqlal (IST-14.5-Anti -Material Rifle) is demonstrated for the first time at Afrika Aerospace Defence-2010 in Capetown.

Members of the Azerbaijani delegation report that IST-12.7 and IST-14.5 can terminate even armored targets from far distance.

At the same time, the new weapon has specific features. For example, the 12.7 caliber shells of IST-12.7 can damage the armor of 20 mm from the distance of 100 m in 90% of cases. The magazine of IST-14.5 has a place for 5 cartridges and the magazine of IST-12.7-7 cartridges.

The gun tube of IST-12.7 is 1100 mm in length and IST-14.5 is 1300 mm in length. Both rifles can be used at temperatures from +50 to -50.
Earlier the model IST-14.5 was demonstrated at the fair in Turkey at IDEF-2009 and this year in Jordan at SOFEX-2010.   




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