Israel hosts conference on Khojaly victims

Wed 29 February 2012 06:48 GMT | 10:48 Local Time

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The first scientific and practical conference ‘Israel-Azerbaijan-strategic alliance’ dedicated to the Day of Memory of Victims of Khojaly genocide was held in the Israeli Netania on 27 February.

The conference was organized by the International Association Israel-Azerbaijan (AZIZ) and Netanian Center for Strategic Dialogue.

The conference ‘Israel-Azerbaijan-Strategic alliance’ dedicated to the Memory Day of Victims of Khojaly genocide was attended by scientists, leading specialists of Israeli universities and strategic centers, prominent public figures, deputies of the Israeli Knesset and the Foreign Ministry, diplomats of Turkey, Germany, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Romania, accredited in Israel, as well as representatives of the Azerbaijani diaspora.

The conference was opened by head of the Strategic Dialogue Center, doctor Efraim Sne, who thanked the scientists and Azerbaijani diaspora for organization of this conference. According to Sne, Azerbaijan is currently the real strategic ally of Israel. “Azerbaijan is a lighthouse of progress and development in the Muslim world. This is a real fact today”, Sne said. As for the Khojaly tragedy, Sne said the massacre in Khojaly is a crime against humanity and the world must not watch the happenings with the hypocrisy.

“I have a question here: why do the respected members of the UN Security Council and the world community not demand from Armenia, the UN member to abandon and return 20% of Azerbaijani lands? Why does the world not demand from Armenia to stop aggression against Azerbaijan, as a result of which every seventh citizen of Azerbaijan became a refugee on his native land? Unfortunately, we are witnessing a double standard in international relations.

Today the world is sensitive and sympathetic about the problem of environment. But why is the world silent about genocide as a result of occupation of Azerbaijani lands by Armenian armed formations?”, Efraim Sne said.

Rector of the Netanian Academic College Zwi Arad spoke in details about the Israeli-Azerbaijani relations. As for the Khojaly tragedy, Arad said that the massacre in Khojaly is a terrible and cruel tragedy of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict, where Azerbaijani children, elderly and innocent civilians died.

Speaking on behalf of the chairman of the interparliamentary association Israel-Azerbaijan Knesset deputy Robert Ilatov, vice mayor of the city Arkadiy Pomeranets noted that the events in Khojaly is a terrible historical tragedy of the Azerbaijani people. “Israel stands for  the peaceful settlement of the Karabakh conflict within the framework of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan”, the statement reads.

Milli Majlis deputy, member of the standing commission of Milli Majlis for international relations and interparliamentary ties, doctor of political science Ganira Pashayeva who came specially to attend this conference spoke in details about the Khojaly genocide, committed by the Armenian armed formations. While praising the role of the Azerbaijani diaspora in organizing and holding the high-level scientific conference, Ganira Pashayeva said that Israel is the real partner of Azerbaijan and this country is well aware of the essence of the Khojaly tragedy. “Jewish people have gone through the terrible days of Holocaust (the catastrophe of the European Jews), when Jews were killed for being Jews. And in Khojaly, Azerbaijanis were murdered by Armenian barbarians for being Azerbaijanis”, the MP said. According to Pashayeva, all organizers of the Khojaly genocide must be held accountable.

During the speech of Ganira Pashayeva, representatives of the Armenian diaspora  attempted a provocation but got a worthy response both from Milli Majlis deputy Ganira Pashayeva and representatives of the Azerbaijani diaspora.

Speaking on behalf of the president of STMEGI Charity Foundation German Zahariayev, Robert Abramov stressed the importance of this conference which established political and academic bridges between Azerbaijan and Israel. “National and religious tolerance in Azerbaijan is a wonderful sample of intercultural dialogue”, Abramov said.

Doctor Kamal Aliyev, who represents the Center for Strategic Studies of the President of Azerbaijan, speaking in the conference, gave a legal assessment to the events in Khojaly in terms of international law.

Armenia’s guilt is proven not only by weighty facts held by the law enforcement bodies of Azerbaijan but also numerous independent sources, testimonies of the witnesses of the tragedy and the words of Armenian servicemen, who took part in the invasion of Khojaly, said spokesman for the International Association Israel-Azerbaijan, expert in the sphere of international relations Arye Gut. “Those who hold high posts in Armenia today including Seyran Ohanyan, Serzh Sargsyan, as well as Robert Kocharian and others, as participants of the genocide must be held accountable. Crime must not remain unpunished”, Gut said.

According to spokesman of the International Association Israel – Azerbaijan, the Jewish people who have gone through holocaust understands and realizes the real essence of the Khojaly genocide, committed by Armenian fascists. “Almost every year, the memorial to victims of Holocaust, 6 million Jews, killed by fascist Germany is defaced in the capital of Armenia. This defacing proves that the genocide of Azerbaijanis in Khojaly was the result of that fascist, racist ideology of ethnic cleansing, now advocated by the ruling clan of Armenia”, Arye Gut said.

Professor of the Heiff University Avinoam Idan spoke in detail about the geopolitical situation in the South Caucasus, while highly appreciating Azerbaijan’s role in the region. “Azerbaijan is the strategic player in the South Caucasus and Israel attaches a strategic importance to relations with Azerbaijan”, Idan said. 

Doctor of the Tel-Aviv University Hen Bram spoke in detail about the tolerance of the Azerbaijani people, where Jews and Azerbaijanis live in friendship for centuries. “We can take pride of the fact that there have never been anti-Semitism in Azerbaijan. The country’s leadership encourages construction of synagogues and Jewish educational centers”, doctor Bram said.

Professor of the Jewish University in Jerusalem Eldad Pardo speaking about the events in Khojaly noted that the Khojaly massacre is a terrible human tragedy of the Azerbaijani people who became victims of occupation. “Azerbaijan is quite right to demand the return of the occupied Azerbaijani lands”, professor Pardo said.

Speaking in the conference, head of the Azerbaijani Cultural Center, member of the International Association Israel-Azerbaijan Yegana Salman said that the Azerbaijani diaspora cannot stay indifferent to the fact that the people of the world still are unaware about a million of refugees who live in Azerbaijan and have been waiting for more than 20 years for their return to their homes.

“We cannot stay indifferent to the fact that the world does not know and has not condemned the inhumane actions of Armenian nationalists in Khojaly and other regions of Azerbaijan. We must not stay indifferent to the fact that the modern world has seen an occupational war, when the neighbor country forced civilians to flee and occupied 20% of lands and the world is still indifferent to this injustice. And finally, we cannot stay indifferent to the fact that instead of liberating the occupied lands and returning refugees to their villages and cities, Armenia demands from other countries to recognize the so-called genocide during the first world war, while not concealing the facts of cruelty and violence which they committed over innocent, unarmed civilians, most of whom were women and children”, Salman said.

On behalf of the Azerbaijani community of Israel and the international association AZIZ, Salman thanked the head of the Center for Strategic Dialogue, general Efraim Sne, who assumed the duty to organize and hold this conference, Deputy of Milli Majlis Ganira Pashayeva, Heydar Aliyev Foundation, State Committee for Diaspora Affairs of Azerbaijan, Charity Foundation STMEGI and its head, Mr.German Zahariayev for support to this conference and Azertac for organization of the photo exhibition within the conference.




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