Petrol prices up in Azerbaijan

Tue 03 December 2013 05:43 GMT | 09:43 Local Time

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The next meeting of the Tariff Council of Azerbaijan, held on 2 December 2013, has considered tariffs on the sale of certain oil products and natural gas of producers (Azerenergy and Azerkimya), communication services, as well as air travel and passenger transport in the country.

Tariffs for communication services

At the request of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies, tariffs for a number of communication services were considered. According to the decision, the tariff for holding a telephone line was reduced from AZN 40-120 to AZN 30, reports.

The following prices for communication services also changed:

- Tariffs for international calls (1 minute) reduced from 36, 45 and 54 (depending on the area) to 32 kopecks (all zones),

- Rates for long-distance calls (1 minute) reduced from 7 to 5 kopecks,

- Fees for the use of fax machines reduced from 80 kopecks to 50 kopecks,

- Tariffs for the line "107" for the inhabitants of rural areas are set at 5 kopecks, and for the cities and regional centres - dropped by half to 10 kopecks.

At the same time, tariffs were eliminated for the renewal of a telephone number from one person to another, the opening of long-distance and international calls, fees for technical services, as well as the fee for selection of phone number.

Monthly fee for landlines was set at 2 AZN 50 kopecks for the population, 7 AZN for budgetary and non-budgetary organizations.

Tariffs for transportation services

The Tariff Council also considered the prices for air transportation and passenger transportation in the country. According to the decision, the existing tariffs were set as the maximum limit. Also tariffs for transportation of baggage, mail and cargo in excess of air travel within the country (30 kopecks per kg including VAT) were upheld.

Tariffs for oil and gas

The Tariff Council also considered the regulation of prices of some petroleum of SOCAR production, as well as natural gas supplied to enterprises involved in the production of electricity, steel companies, chemical and metallurgical industries.

The following gasoline prices were set:

- AI-95 - 80 kopecks / litre

- AI-92, AI-80 - 70 kopecks / litre

- Diesel - 60 kopecks / litre

Wholesale prices of some petroleum products are also approved.

By the decision of the Council for the chemical, aluminium, steel industries and companies producing electricity, the price of 1,000 cubic metres of gas was set at AZN 80.

Entry of tariffs into force

New prices for telecommunications services will come into effect from 1 January 2014. All other prices come into force on 3 December 2013.




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