25 April 2014 | 13:17
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Azerbaijan promises biggest bonuses for Sochi Olympic Games medals

Thu 06 February 2014 13:36 GMT | 18:36 Local Time

Azerbaijan promised its Olympians the biggest bonuses for medals at the Winter Olympics in Sochi among post-Soviet countries, 1news.az reports, citing Kazakhstan publication "New Region".

"Azerbaijan offered the biggest cash prizes for its athletes. Baku sends four athletes to Sochi, although the National Olympic Committee of the country doubts that most likely none of them will rise to the top. And if suddenly one of them could do it, he will get almost 510,000 dollars for the gold medal, 255,000 dollars for silver and 130,000 dollars for the bronze," the Kazakh media writes.

Neighbouring Armenia promises 30,000 dollars for gold, 20,000 for silver and 10,000 for bronze medals. Neither Armenia nor Azerbaijan won medals at the last Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada.


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