Yildirim urges Ankara mayor to resign

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Swine flu death toll climbs to 21 in Turkey

06.11.2009 18:48 GMT

Twenty-one people have died of swine flu in Turkey, the Health Ministry announced Friday, after the deaths of a 21-year-old man and an 11-year-old girl were confirmed to be caused by the H1N1 virus.

Turkish FM visiting France

06.11.2009 18:11 GMT

Turkish foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu is in Paris as a guest of his French counterpart.

ANCA urges Obama and Clinton to condemn Sudan president’s visit to Turkey

06.11.2009 17:45 GMT

The Armenian National Committee of American has applied to the US presidential administration with a demand to condemn the upcoming visit of Sudan President Omar Al-Bashir to Turkey.

NATO supports normalization of Armenia-Turkey relations but can not participate in this process

06.11.2009 17:06 GMT

“The normalization of Armenia-Turkey relations is a positive sign for the stabilization of the situation in the region,” NATO SG’s Special Representative for the Caucasus and Central Asia Robert Simmons said.

Abdullah Gul - Turkey will not be derailed

06.11.2009 17:00 GMT

President Gul has made some statements regarding the question over whether Turkey has changed its direction and is looking to the East.

Turkish Minister: “If a country calls itself ‘a superpower’, it does not give it a right to interfere with the affairs of other states”

06.11.2009 16:34 GMT


British Foreign Secretary and Turkish PM discuss Iranian issue

06.11.2009 13:38 GMT

Iran’s controversial nuclear program and its refusal to fully cooperate with the United Nations were among the top issues British Foreign Secretary David Miliband and Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan discussed Thursday.

Terry Davidson: The normalization of Turkey-Armenia relations will also have an influence on the solution to Nagorno Karabakh conflict

06.11.2009 13:09 GMT

Public Relations Officer of the U.S. Embassy in Azerbaijan Terry Davidson, who is visiting Ganja, met with head of the executive power Eldar Azizov and rector of Agriculture Academy Mirdamed Sadigov.

NATO's representative for South Caucasus visits Armenia

05.11.2009 21:18 GMT

The secretary of Armenia's National Security Council, Artur Bagdasaryan, has received the NATO secretary-general's special representative for the South Caucasus and Central Asia, Robert Simmons.

Turkish and Greek Cypriot leaders to meet

05.11.2009 18:59 GMT

Turkish and Greek Cypriot leaders will meet on November 6 for the 50th time as part of their ongoing negotiations to find a settlement to the Cyprus dispute.

Swine flu death toll rises to 19 in Turkey

05.11.2009 17:35 GMT

Four more people are reported to have died of swine flu in Turkey, bringing the country's death toll from the disease to 19.

Turkey's PM sends letter to Greek counterpart

05.11.2009 16:19 GMT

Turkey's prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, on Wednesday sent a letter to his Greek counterpart, George Papandreou, saying that bilateral relations could have a positive influence on regional peace.

Armenian customs prepare to open Armenian-Turkish border

05.11.2009 15:00 GMT

The customs points hold preliminary work in anticipation of the opening of the Armenian-Turkish border that will result in trade enlivening, said Armen Alaverdyan, deputy chairman of the committee on state revenues of Armenia.

Report: UK doesn’t recognize ‘genocide’ for ‘practical’ reasons

05.11.2009 14:59 GMT

Britain was accused of “genocide denial” on Tuesday after the disclosure of Foreign Office documents revealing the government’s refusal to recognize the killings of Anatolian Armenians during World War I, a leading UK daily reported.

Sudanese President will visit Turkey

05.11.2009 14:55 GMT

Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir will visit Turkey next week for the first time since an international court asked for his arrest, government sources said, in a test of Ankara's support for international justice.

British FM assures Turkey on promises given by EU

05.11.2009 14:04 GMT

British Foreign Minister David Miliband, who is currently in Turkey for an official visit, met State Minister and EU Head Negotiator Egemen Bağış in İstanbul on Wednesday.

Natural gas prices to be revised after Azerbaijani adjustment

05.11.2009 13:58 GMT

The state-owned Turkish Pipeline Corporation (BOTAŞ), in accordance with the Treasury’s estimates, will revise natural gas prices for 2010 due to cost pressures from Azerbaijan and Iran.

Turkish students pelt Israeli ambassador with eggs in Trabzon

05.11.2009 13:55 GMT

Turkish police detained around 20 students on Wednesday after they pelted Israel's ambassador with eggs to protest the Jewish state's treatment of Palestinians, forcing him to cancel a university visit.

Turkey's president expects talks to be stepped up on Armenian withdrawal from Azerbaijan

05.11.2009 13:02 GMT

Turkey's president, Abdullah Gul, has said that discussions on Armenia's withdrawal from the territory it occupies in Azerbaijan will be intensified.

Turkey joins UN Joint Inspection Unit

04.11.2009 19:47 GMT

Turkey has been elected to the United Nations Joint Inspection Unit (JIU), the body that oversees the work of the UN's participating organizations.

Turkey's swine flu toll hits 15

04.11.2009 19:36 GMT

The death toll from swine flu climbed to 15 in Turkey on Wednesday as the Health Ministry said the disease claimed four more lives.

Russian minister indirectly plays down Azerbaijani fears over Armenia-Turkey rapprochement

04.11.2009 18:54 GMT

The Armenian-Turkish accords do not harm any third party, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigoriy Karasin has said, implicitly referring to Azerbaijan's concern that the accords will hinder a solution to the Karabakh conflict.

Turkey fines Google $47m for tax dodging

04.11.2009 17:02 GMT

Istanbul's tax department has fined Google 71m Turkish lira over the Internet giant's non-payment of profit taxes, Turkish media report.

Turkey’s energy minister: We continue negotiating gas supplies with Azerbaijan

04.11.2009 15:40 GMT

"We are not planning to raise gas prices for population so far. We are in process of negotiations with Azerbaijan.

Charles Aznavour raised an issue of Armenia’s territorial claims for Turkey

04.11.2009 14:18 GMT

In an interview with RAI 3 Italian TV channel Armenia’s Ambassador to Switzerland, acclaimed chansonnier Charles Aznavour raised an issue of Armenia’s territorial claims for Turkey.

Turkish prime minister, health minister disagree over swine flu vaccination

04.11.2009 14:16 GMT

After Health Minister Recep Akdağ became the first government official to receive a swine flu vaccine on Tuesday, following the start of widespread vaccinations on Monday, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced that he is skeptical about the vaccine.

Turkey accused of undermining security for EU troops

04.11.2009 13:53 GMT

The European Parliament has hinted in a draft report that it can point a finger at Turkey for possible European casualties in a future peacekeeping operation because, it says, Ankara is blocking EU-NATO cooperation over its concerns related to Cyprus.

Neither Armenian nor Kurdish issues will do any good to Turkey – Deniz Baykal

04.11.2009 13:51 GMT


Van to be industrial and commercial capital linking East and West

04.11.2009 13:49 GMT

Van, the 7,000-year-old cradle of civilization in eastern Anatolia, will become a major industrial and commerce center if plans for a free trade zone on the border between Iran and Turkey come to fruition.

US Armenians hope for failure of Ankara-Yerevan deal

04.11.2009 13:44 GMT

American-Armenians and their congressional backers are keen on the ‘genocide’ recognition, not the creation of normalized ties between Turkey and Armenia, diplomats and experts say.

Turkey to raise price of Azerbaijani gas for inner consumers

03.11.2009 21:48 GMT

As negotiations with Azerbaijan are nearing the close and the price on gas may be high for Turkey, Botas intends to consider rise in gas price for internal consumers, according to Hurriyet newspaper.

Turkish FM Davutoğlu meets Malaysian counterpart

03.11.2009 18:59 GMT

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu began his talks on the second day of his official trip to Malaysia.

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