FM Cavusoglu: Turkey will reconsider its relations with Council of Europe

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Armenia bans sale of Azerbaijani apples in a number of sale points

26.04.2017 11:47 GMT

Armenia is hastily banning the sale of Azerbaijani apples in a number of sale points.

NASA: Cassini completes final flyby of Saturn’s moon Titan

26.04.2017 10:46 GMT

NASA's Cassini spacecraft has completed its last close flyby of Saturn's hazy moon Titan.

Writer Elena Rzhevskaya who identified Hitler's body dies

26.04.2017 09:58 GMT

During the assault on Berlin she participated in search for Adolf Hitler.

Ukraine remembering Chernobyl, 31 years on

26.04.2017 09:53 GMT

A ceremony has been held in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv to remember the victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, 31 years on.

Oil falls on bulging U.S. crude inventories, record global supplies

26.04.2017 09:50 GMT

Oil prices resumed their downward trend on Wednesday as data showed a rise in U.S. crude inventories and record supplies in the rest of the world cast doubt on OPEC's ability to cut supplies and tighten the market.

Two-day Moscow conference on international security to kick off on Wednesday

26.04.2017 09:47 GMT

The Russian Defense Ministry will hold the sixth annual Moscow Conference on International Security on April 26-27.

Putin backs creation of system to promote Russian goods on domestic market

26.04.2017 09:41 GMT

Russian President Vladimir Putin supported the idea to create a system for promoting Russian goods on the domestic market in addition to the export support mechanism.

Apples from Azerbaijan cause a stir in Yerevan

26.04.2017 09:14 GMT

Apples from Azerbaijan are sold in the Yerevan groceries.

Erdogan slams 'political' Council of Europe decision

26.04.2017 09:03 GMT

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday criticized the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe's (PACE) decision to put Turkey on a political monitoring watch list.

Several states on alert after dangerous nuclear material stolen in Mexico

25.04.2017 23:56 GMT

Mexico’s Interior Ministry put nine states on alert Monday when it was discovered that an unknown amount of iridium, a dangerous nuclear substance that’s used inside medical equipment, had been stolen in Tlaquepaque, Jalisco state, Sputnik reported.

Ankara condemns democracy monitoring as 'disgrace'

25.04.2017 23:00 GMT

The Council of Europe’s decision to monitor Turkey was condemned as a “disgrace” by the Foreign Ministry on Tuesday, Anadolu reported.

EU leaders give mixed reaction to 1st round of French election outcome

25.04.2017 22:22 GMT

The European Union (EU) leaders have given a mixed reaction to the outcome of the first round of French presidential election which saw anti-euro far-right candidate Marine Le Pen and pro-EU centrist Emmanuel Macron surge through to the decisive second round in May, APA reports quoting Xinhua.

Iran’s oil export up by 80%

25.04.2017 21:07 GMT

Iran’s crude oil exports from Kharg terminal reached 780 million barrels (2.137 mb/d) during the last fiscal year (ended Mar.20), which indicates an 80-percent increase year-on-year, Gholamhossein Gerami the head of Iranian Oil Terminals Company (IOTC), said Apr.24.

N. Korea shows off military might on key anniversary

25.04.2017 17:07 GMT

North Korea held a “massive” firing drill on Tuesday, according to South Korea’s military as it monitored the North on the 85th anniversary of the foundation of its Korean People's Army.

EBRD pioneers issuance of Eurobonds in Georgian lari

25.04.2017 16:11 GMT

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has marked a historic milestone by issuing its first-ever Eurobond both denominated and settled in Georgian lari (GEL).

Russia’s Caspian Flotilla warships take to sea in snap combat readiness check

25.04.2017 14:22 GMT

The Caspian Flotilla has started a snap combat readiness check of its units and formations, the press office of Russia’s Southern Military District reported on Tuesday.

Turkey slams Trump's statement on 1915 events

25.04.2017 14:13 GMT

The Foreign Ministry has slammed the U.S. President Donald Trump's statements on the 1915 events, saying it contained "misinformation and false definitions".

Maria Zakharova: We are next to the Armenian people with our hearts

25.04.2017 14:09 GMT

"We are next to the Armenian people with our hearts."

Russian schoolboy hospitalized after being attacked by lion

25.04.2017 14:00 GMT

A 15-year-old schoolboy was hospitalized after being attacked by a lion in the city of Engels, Russia’s Saratov oblast, APA reported citing RIA Novosti.

27-year-old Russian woman killed in Oregon - media

25.04.2017 12:23 GMT

A woman who was found shot in the Oregon woods arrived in the United States last month from Russia, authorities said.

One killed, 11 wounded in Dagestan after teenager brings grenade to school

25.04.2017 10:21 GMT

A hand grenade went off in an IT room of a secondary school.

Stolen radioactive material prompts high alert across Mexico

25.04.2017 09:34 GMT

"This was industrial equipment that included Iridium-192... which can be dangerous for people if it is taken out of its container."

US imposes new sanctions on Syria over suspected chemical attack

25.04.2017 09:28 GMT

The US sanctioned on Monday 271 employees of the Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Center in connection with an alleged use of chemical weapons Khan Sheikhoun (Idlib province), the US Department of the Treasury said.

Turkey strongly condemns burning of its flag in Armenia

25.04.2017 09:04 GMT

Turkey strongly condemned the burning of its flag during a ceremony to mark the anniversary of the 1915 events in the Armenian capital Yerevan on Monday.

Trump urges U.N. reform to make U.S. investment worthwhile

25.04.2017 00:26 GMT

President Donald Trump complained on Monday that the United States is shouldering an unfair burden of the cost of the United Nations, but said if the world body reforms how it operates, the investment would be worth it, Reuters reported.

Greece to sell stake in Thessaloniki port operator to German-led consortium

24.04.2017 23:01 GMT

A German-led consortium is the highest bidder for a two-thirds stake in OLTH, operator of the northern Greek port of Thessaloniki, in a deal valued at €1.1bn, Greece’s privatisation agency HRADF said.

26 paramilitary personnel killed in central India

24.04.2017 22:27 GMT

At least 26 paramilitary personnel were killed and six others were injured by suspected Maoist rebels in India’s central state on Monday, according to a police official, APA reports quoting Anadolu Agency.

Trump commemorates Armenian anniversary, doesn't use word 'genocide'

24.04.2017 20:23 GMT

US President Donald Trump did not use the word "genocide" in the traditional appeal in connection with the events of 1915 in the Ottoman Empire, Oxu.Az reports citing "Hurriyyet".

Putin and Erdogan may discuss contract on S-400 missile systems

24.04.2017 17:20 GMT

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan are expected to discuss a contract on buying S-400 missile systems in Sochi on May 3, Turkey’s Defense Minister Fikri Isik said.

Iran’s Ahmadinejad says he won’t endorse other candidates

24.04.2017 16:50 GMT

"We clearly announce that we have not and will not support any candidate in the upcoming elections."

PACE President leaves meeting of European People's Party

24.04.2017 16:32 GMT

Agramunt left the party meeting after mass statements and demands of one-party members to leave the post of PACE president in connection with his visit to Syria.

US-dollar drops in Russia to lowest level in 2017

24.04.2017 16:19 GMT

The US-dollar exchange rate at Moscow Stock Exchange was traded down to its lowest point of 2017.

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