Armenia is not a safe country for us but a miserable one - protester

Sat 18 March 2017 | 11:39 GMT

"How can we be permanently registered if we do not own a house?"

A group of veterans of the Nagorno-Karabakh war and their family members held a demonstration on Thursday outside the Government building in Yerevan demanding a meeting with prime minister Karen Karapetyan and warning of an indefinite sit-in in front of the office if their demand is not met, reports citing

A veteran with a second-degree disability, Gagik Harutyunyan, has been unable for a week to send his 4 of his 12 kids to school because the children do not have proper shoes, clothes, or other school supplies. `We live on a 60 000-dram poverty benefit and my husband’s disability pension, which is barely enough to buy his medication,` Harutyunyan’s wife, Armenuhi Manukyan, told

Sonik Simonyan, wife of another disabled Karabakh war veteran, told that her family do not have a permanent place of abode, while the Government has promised to provide the family with an apartment if they present a 10-year permanent registration document.

“They say we would be eligible for an apartment if we had a 10-year permanent registration. How can we be permanently registered if we do not own a house? Whose address should be register at? So we are not registered, but when my son voluntarily went to the military commissariat, he was immediately granted a citizenship and drafted to the army. President Sargsyan say we live in a safe country; what kind of a safe country is this when my kid lives in a basement and has acquired a disability as a result. This not a safe country for us but a miserable one,” Simonyan said.

Head of the Government Department for Reception of Citizens and Discussion of Petitions Aleksandr Ghazaryan came out to meet the demonstrators and urged them to submit their complaints and demands in a written form. The protesters then filed their appeals and left, warning that they would continue the protest actions should their appeals be left unanswered.


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