Azerbaijani defense ministry comments on video spread by Armenians

Fri 19 May 2017 | 20:27 GMT

The Armenian side has disseminated a video footage claiming that the Azerbaijani armed forces are shelling positions of their own military units, said Azerbaijani defense ministry.

The ministry said the Armenian side that was defeated on the battlefield is making unsuccessful attempts to avenge in the virtual space. “According to the combat readiness plan, the Azerbaijani military units on the frontline are currently conducting live-fire exercises in various directions of the frontline, including Terter-Aghdere direction. The explosions reflected in the video was caused by hand grenades, but not by 60-mm mortars as the Armenians claimed. Even non-specialists knowing a little about weapons can easily comprehend that these explosions were not caused by mortars,” said the ministry.


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