BBC Travel posts reportage about Baku

Thu 29 June 2017 | 11:59 GMT

BBC Travel has published a photo reportage about Baku and Absheron sights.

"For thousands of years, residents of Azerbaijan’s Absheron Peninsula have lived normal lives, despite the ground constantly threatening to explode beneath their feet."

The British edition of the BBC ("Travel") published a photo essay about Baku and the sights of Absheron in its 'Travel' section.

Special attention is paid to mud volcanoes. It is noted that 400 of 1000 mud volcanoes of the world are concentrated in Azerbaijan.

In addition, the reportage tells about the monuments of history, such as Gobustan, Icherisheher, Ateshgyah, Yanardag.

The authors of the reportage talk about the measures taken to attract tourists to Azerbaijan.


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