183 Armenian lawyers to start a hunger strike against government

Tue 12 September 2017 | 12:37 GMT

Armenian lawyers will hold a rally in protest of illegal investigations conducted by the state law-enforcement bodies, Yervand Varosyan, the one of the organizers of the rally posted on his own Facebook account, reports.

The lawyers (currently 183 lawyers support the event) organizing the protest action against the illegal investigations conducted by the government, will hold their first meeting at Conference Hall (Picasso Room) of Congress Hotel on Sept 13, 2017, according to AzVision. Human rights defenders, public organizations and the representatives of the international institutions are invited the event, Varosyon wrote in his post. 

Some of the lawyers state that they are going to hold hunger strike. 

Note, those lawyers blew up against the unlawful and unreasonable searches and seizures during the hearings of Sasna-Tsrer. 


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