Amendment to European Parliament resolution another political provocation against Azerbaijan

Thu 14 September 2017 | 12:08 GMT

The amendment was passed with 290 voting against and 349 voting for, while its longer discussion was not allowed.

The amendment on Azerbaijan introduced to the European Parliament's resolution dated September 13, 2017, is yet another example of traditional nonobjective policy and political provocation carried by some forces within the European Parliament against Azerbbaijan.

The submission of this amendment on September 7, just two days after the publication of nefarious allegations of corruption set forth against Azerbaijan by some biased media outlets that disseminate false reports and are guided by the Armenian lobby and the Soros Foundation is the indication of pre-production and simultaneous implementation of this unwanted and ugly campaign. 
The author of this amendment is Petras Austrevicius, a native of Lithuania. This person has solid anti-Islam and anti-Azerbaijani ideological views. There is a phrase in Azerbaijani, translated as 'tell me who your friend is and I will tell you who you are.' His closest friend is former Ambassador to Lithuania Renatas Juska. The same Juska whose voice record with the voice record of another responsible officer of the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry Zenonas Kumetaitis came viral on youtube. In his voice record she expressed hate towards Azerbaijan and Muslims and his love for Armenia saying that Lithuania should support Armenians because they are Christian.

The amendment was passed with 290 voting against and 349 voting for. Its longer discussion was not allowed. This shows that there are pragmatic viewpoints in the European Parliament that  work for the interests of Europe.
As it is stated in the general part of the resolution, while the volume of corruption in the European Union is EUR 179 bn annually, and its share in overall GDP makes EUR 990 bn, it is ridiculous and abusive to indicate Azerbaijan in the amendment to the resolution based on false information and slander.
The marginal person who is the author of this amendment consisting of several sentences and his close associates, being narrow-minded, traditionally pursue the anti-Azerbaijani policy .
They focus on discrediting international prestige of Azerbaijan, distracting the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict from substantial negotiations, creating conditions for continued occupation of Azerbaijani territories by Armenia, and undermining Azerbaijan's cooperation with EU ahead of the planned EU top summit of Eastern Partnership countries due in November of this year, and preventing the successful implementation of the TAP project. It should be taken into consideration that the adoption of the resolution comes at the time of the signing of the new agreement on the Azeri-Chirag-Guneshli field by 2050.
Unfortunately, the dubious cooperation between the Armenian lobby and other circles in these European groups has not been investigated yet.

Despite the attempts and provocations of such circles, Azerbaijan will continue its independent and successful domestic and foreign policy for the sake of the people of Azerbaijan.



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