Turkey evacuates 20,000 citizens from Libya

Wed 02 March 2011 | 17:48 GMT

Five thousand Turkish citizens are thought to remain in Libya, as the Turkish government continues its evacuation effort.

The Ankara ferry with 1,230 people, including 130 children, on board has left Libya’s Tripoli port.

The ferry is carrying 173 Turkish nationals and passengers from Vietnam, Syria and Pakistan.

Another Turkish ship, the Samsun, is docked in Libya waiting to take nationals of other countries, primarily Egypt, to Alexandria.

The Samsun will return to Tripoli after leaving passengers in Alexandria.

Turkish Airlines, which suspended flights to Tripoli because of a lack of passenger capacity, will be able to start scheduled flights.

The Turkish authorities have evacuated 20,000 out of 25,000 Turkish nationals working in Libya in one week via air and sea.


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