Azerbaijan to predict quakes '15-20 hours in advance'

Tue 21 June 2011 | 15:18 GMT

'It will be possible to forecast earthquakes in Azerbaijan 15-20 hours in advance'.

The statement came from director of Cybernetics Institute of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences Telman Aliyev.

He said the institute worked out scientific principles of possibility of using the steel pipes of the unexploited oil wells as acoustic channel and basing on it principles of establishing seismo-acoustic telemetry station allowing monitoring of the abnormal seismic processes causing earthquake.

Experimental variant of the station has been installed in the 3500m-deep oil well №5 at Gum island. The experiments show that the station can record abnormal seismic process causing earthquake 15-20 hours in advance.

Telman Aliyev also gave scientific explanation of this process.

'Two kinds of waves appear during abnormal seismic processes. One of these waves is seismic, the other seismo-acoustic. None of them come to the ground surface. The first is weak, the second wave has high frequency. When the seismic waves reach the critical limit, blast occurs and seismic stations record earthquake. Unexploited oil wells are very useful to monitor the latent period of earthquake.

There are a lot of unexploited oil wells in Azerbaijan. They are located at 3-6km depth. When the seismo-acoustic waves that spread within the radius of 200-300km, even sometimes 400-500km reach the pipe of the oil well, they turn into seismo-acoustic noise. This noise reaches the surface with acoustic speed. The hydrophones installed in our station record the noise. These noises can be analyzed basing on the technology of noise analysis,' he said.

Telman Aliyev said the earthquakes in Azerbaijan will be forecasted in future through these stations.

'Such a station is being installed in Shirvan. The third station is being installed in Siyazan. The fourth station will be in the territory of Naftalan-Goranboy. These four stations will forecast the earthquakes in advance, moreover we will be able to predict the place and coordinates of the earthquakes,' he said.


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