Number of car accidents steadily growing in Armenian army

Mon 16 October 2017 08:13 GMT | 12:13 Local Time

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During 2017, the number of car accidents, involving military servicemen of the Armenian army, is steadily growing.

Only in the last three accidents 7 servicemen were injured: they got injuries of different severity and hospitalized.

The officer of the 9th motorized rifle regiment, Mkrtch Gharamanyan, who had an accident in the Armenian city of Yeghegnadzor, was placed in a civil hospital, his condition is assessed as satisfactory. Another officer of the regiment Arthur Hakobyan had a leg injury in the accident. According to doctors, the officer  would not be able to work for a long time.

Five servicemen were injured in another car accident and one of them was in critical condition. The UAZ car belonging to a separate mountain-troop battalion was hit in an accident near the village of Aterk in the occupied territory. The injured in this traffic accident suffered injuries of varying severity: Aikush Asaturov, born in 1977, suffered a leg fracture and a head injury, Edgar Vardanyan, born in 1983, also suffered a leg injury, Martik Abelian, 1950, had a traumatic brain injury. Avedik Mosesyan, born in 1969, received the first medical aid in the medical unit of the military unit. And Garegin Hovasinian, born in 1959, was rushed to the city hospital with an ambulance, because he had a death threat from heavy bleeding.

Monitoring of the Armenian media and social networks shows that 5 servicemen were killed in the Armenian army, 54 more got injuries of various severity over the past nine months.

A lot of servicemen who suffered as a result of traffic accidents and then become disabled. But the most important issue that worries the parents of Armenian servicemen is that they can not get any help from the state.

The main reason for numerous complaints from parents is that commanders often "formalize" other criminal actions as car accidents. And this, of course, automatically deprives servicemen and their parents of the right to receive benefits and insurance.




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