Lragir: Putin may return Karabakh to Azerbaijan

Mon 07 September 2015 10:31 GMT | 15:31 Local Time

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"Russia is ready to make concessions in relations with Azerbaijan."

Russian and Western press keeps posting materials that Russia is trying to implement a "secret plan" on Karabakh bypassing Minsk Group.

It is noted that Putin discussed his plan with Aliyev during his visit to Baku at the opening of the European Games, and a few days ago, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov arrived in Baku to discuss the details of the project. As a rule, foreign ministers discuss specific issues.

According to Oxu.Az, chief editor of Armenian news portal Haikazn Gagriyan writes about it in his article "Secret plan" of Russia on Karabakh.

According to Gagriyan, Lavrov's visit to Baku was accompanied by an unprecedented worsening in border areas of Armenia, which suggests that this kind of message of Armenia, which is a "strategic partner" of Russia.

"If Moscow wanted, Azerbaijan would not fire on Armenia, its obvious. Now there is a struggle for Azerbaijan, which is trying to pursue an independent policy. It is all clear about Georgia and Armenia, only Azerbaijan is left. Russia is trying to involve Azerbaijan in the EAEC, that would solve the issue of "general boundaries" with Armenia. Armenia is a pain point of Russia, it is quite unpredictable, despite the obedience of its political leadership and political forces. One reason for this difficulty is the lack of common borders and the apparent contradiction of interests," the author writes.

According to the journalist, Russia is ready to make concessions to implement the plan, of course, at the expense of the Armenians:

"Azerbaijan, in contrast to Armenia, in fact, is a Eurasian country, and receives economic and political preferences from Russia. But Russia is now in such a condition that Baku can demand more.

Struggle for Azerbaijan escalates on the background of the US and NATO activities in the region. In particular, the United States reached almost dominant in the negotiations on the Karabakh settlement, as NATO has already established itself in Georgia. Under these conditions, Russia is ready to make concessions in relations with Azerbaijan because it has no other levers of influence.

Its not accident that according to reports in media, Moscow is ready to hand over Karabakh territories to Azerbaijan. It is noted that during the meeting with Serzh Sargsyan in Moscow on September 7, Putin may make such a proposal."

The author writes that Azerbaijan started a large-scale exercises on the eve of Serzh Sargsyan's visit to Moscow:

"Many say that the behavior of Baku in recent days aimed at putting pressure on Armenia in order to provide Russian-Azeri deal".




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