Expert on possibility of connecting Israeli gas to SGC

Fri 14 October 2016 15:48 GMT | 19:48 Local Time

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It is in Turkey’s national interest not to sign any pipeline gas agreement with any country unless the new contracts are aligned with the changing dynamics in the gas markets, Director of Hydrocarbons, France, Mediterranean Energy Observatory (OME), Sohbet Karbuz told Trend Oct.14.

He was commenting on the possibility of connecting the Israeli gas supplies to the Southern Gas Corridor.

Earlier, Cemil Ertem, advisor to the Turkish president, said that Turkey wants to connect Israeli gas supplies to the Southern Gas Corridor project.

The Southern Gas Corridor is one of the priority energy projects for the EU. It envisages the transportation of 10 billion cubic meters of Azerbaijani gas from the Caspian region to the European countries through Georgia and Turkey.

At the initial stage, the gas to be produced as part of the Stage 2 of development of Azerbaijan's Shah Deniz field is considered as the main source for the Southern Gas Corridor project. Other sources can also join this project at a later stage.

As part of the Stage 2 of the Shah Deniz development, the gas will be exported to Turkey and European markets by expanding the South Caucasus Pipeline and the construction of TANAP and TAP.

Karbuz said that every gas producing country around Turkey sees the country as a significant potential market for pipeline gas.

“Azerbaijan will sell an additional 6 billion cubic meters of gas per year to Turkey after 2018. Iran wants to sell additional gas to Turkey, possibly as much as 10 billion cubic meters per year. Northern Iraq, too, would like to export 10 billion cubic meters or more of gas to Turkey by 2020. Israeli gas is also waiting in the line,” said the expert.

“The problem is that does Turkey need that much gas. Why nobody asks this question? Is Turkey the best place to export gas at best prices for sellers?” said Karbuz. ”In my opinion, Turkey will not need that much gas.”

Talking about the route of connecting the Israeli gas to the Southern Gas Corridor, the expert said that a 450-475 kilometers long potential gas pipeline from the Leviathan field, a large natural gas field located in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Israel, to Mersin in Turkey could connect to BOTAS system or alternatively to TANAP if a connection line to TANAP is constructed.

“If one takes into account the provisions of Israeli gas framework in terms of gas prices and adds to it the transport cost from TANAP, I wonder whether Israeli gas can find any buyer in the European market,” said Karbuz.




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