Guba mass burial demonstrates Armenian atrocities against Azerbaijanis: Isa Habibbeyli

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Lord Mayor of London about First European Games

01.06.2015 08:20 GMT

The first European Games to be held in Baku this June will increase Azerbaijan`s prestige on the international scene, said Lord Mayor of London Alan Yarrow as he was interviewed by AzerTag`s special correspondent.

Europe prefers Azerbaijani project

13.05.2015 17:10 GMT

EU is interested in diversification of gas routes.

Growing Religious Extremism: The Good News And Bad News From Azerbaijan

19.09.2014 15:14 GMT

The Daily Caller has published an article 'The Good News and Bad News from Azerbaijan' by Asim Mollazade.

Sargsyan's Desperation: Political Disaster of Unwelcomed President

25.07.2014 16:52 GMT

W1siziisijiwmtuvmtavmtkvmjmvmtavntmvyjdimwqyotgtywe2zi00yzqzlwfjodgtyjc0mwyzoda0m2y1lzezmtu1nc5qcgcixsxbinailcj0ahvtyiisiji0mhgxodajil1d?sha=a8711ed988f72b97 has published an article about the polical disaster of Serj Sargsyan as an unwelcomed president.

Russia will not use a “stick” policy to make Azerbaijan join EaEU - analyst

09.06.2014 14:15 GMT

It appears that Russia is not inclined to dramatize the question of Azerbaijan’s participation in the Eurasian Economic Union (EaEU), while in Azerbaijan this question is sometimes discussed with extraordinary exaltation.

Impressions of Baku

02.06.2014 14:50 GMT

By Asiya Mahar, Visiting Research Fellow at Centre for Strategic Studies (SAM) under the President of Republic of Azerbaijan, Assistant Research Offic

EU welcomes Azerbaijan’s accession to the WTO - Malena Mard

02.06.2014 12:48 GMT

Azerbaijan is holding meetings on a regular basis in order to be a member of the World Trade Organization. I’m pleased that these meetings are held more frequently nowadays”, said EU Ambassador to Azerbaijan Malena Mard, APA reports.

Not only capital, but regions also benefited from oil revenues - British MP

02.06.2014 11:37 GMT

“Development of Azerbaijan’s regions show that not only the capital, but regions also benefited oil revenue”, said the Chairman of the UK-Azerbaijan Interparliamentary Friendship Group, member of the House of Commons of the British Parliament Christopher Pincher.

Russian-Azerbaijani relations on high level – Polad Bulbuloglu

30.05.2014 13:06 GMT

Azerbaijan is developing rapidly owing to the activity of Heydar Aliyev.

Russia has great respect to the foreign policy of Baku - Karasin

29.05.2014 08:05 GMT

"Russia has great respect to the foreign policy of Baku, whose foundations were laid by Heydar Aliyev.

Azerbaijani leadership pays great attention to protection of family values

26.05.2014 13:17 GMT

Family and family values ​​are always in the spotlight of Azerbaijan.

Many countries support Azerbaijan’s position - Bahar Muradova

26.05.2014 08:33 GMT

“Azerbaijan has already taken over the Chairmanship of CoE Committee of Ministers, the meeting of PACE Standing Committee and Bureau was held in Baku. As for a restrictive decision regarding Azerbaijan, many people can relate it with the attitude to Azerbaijan. But this is no attitude of the Council of Europe to Azerbaijan”.

'We have repeatedly voiced our support to Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity'

23.05.2014 10:36 GMT

“Principle of territorial integrity of state is very important to PACE and this issue is now relevant not only in the context of events in Ukraine but also in relation to Azerbaijan”.

James Warlick is distinguished with his crazy “ideas” on social networks - MP

21.05.2014 15:08 GMT

“His proposal is directed against Azerbaijan and supports the aggressive policy of Armenia”.

“It’s joyful that trade and customs issues are being discussed in Baku”

21.05.2014 14:39 GMT

It’s joyful that trade and customs issues are being discussed in Baku, Professor of Economics at New York University, Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences Thomas J. Sargent told journalists.

Armenia is the only regional country threatening regional security - official

20.05.2014 08:43 GMT

“Azerbaijan is a state that is pursuing an independent policy. Our country is distinguished by its position and role in the international relations. I consider that the attempts by the U.S. or any other great state or international organization to interfere in Azerbaijan's internal affairs, foreign policy and control it, teach people how to live is not good. I believe that these attempts will produce no results.

All state TV channels in Azerbaijan broadcast via Azerspace-1

19.05.2014 10:23 GMT

The year of 2013 opened up new opportunities for further development of information and communication technologies in Azerbaijan, Minister of Communication and High Technologies Ali Abbasov said.

Experience gained inspired us to nominate for hosting Olympic Games of 2024

19.05.2014 10:18 GMT

Azerbaijan has never achieved such a progress in sports as today.

Ratio of Azerbaijan’s foreign debt to GDP is dropping gradually - MP

16.05.2014 13:36 GMT

The existing potential of Azerbaijan forms a strong basis for the further economic development of the country.

Azerbaijan looks beyond energy successes for economic growth

16.05.2014 11:42 GMT

Azerbaijan's growing economy undoubtedly benefits from its oil and gas developments, but the country also has laid a strong foundation to move into other sectors that deserves closer attention, participants at a two-day conference agreed.

Paris sees Azerbaijan as a reliable partner over the past years-expert

15.05.2014 10:45 GMT

Official Paris shows a very serious and productive approach to Azerbaijan despite definite closeness of some forces in this country with Armenia and flirting with the Armenian lobbyists.

YAP: The report is libelous and biased

14.05.2014 15:44 GMT

“They do not want to see the reality related to Azerbaijan’s development”.

Karabakh issue can be used abroad for political maneuvers - analyst

14.05.2014 11:00 GMT

The process of negotiations on the resolution of Nagorno Karabakh conflict does not produce necessary results, political analyst of the EurAsEC Institute Nadana Friedrichson believes.

Anti-Azerbaijani forces extend their campaign against our country - MP

13.05.2014 09:26 GMT

“On the eve of May 14th when Azerbaijan will take over the chairmanship to the Committee of Ministers, high-level body of the Council of Europe, the campaigns of several traditional anti-Azerbaijani organizations against our country extended.

'The cooperation between Azerbaijan and Russia develops on increasing tendency'

13.05.2014 09:24 GMT

Interesting and good neighbor relations with Russia is one of the priorities of foreign policy of Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijani ambassador responds to Armenian ambassador

13.05.2014 08:37 GMT

“The Prince Arthur Herald” has issued the Letter from the Ambassador of Azerbaijan in which Azerbaijani ambassador to Canada Farid Shafiyev responds to the Armenian ambassador`s allegations over the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

Any aggression caused humanitarian problems among other hardships - Honduran FM

08.05.2014 10:24 GMT

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Honduras, Mireya Aguero de Corrales, has said any aggression against Azerbaijan`s territorial integrity should be discussed on an international scale.

Azerbaijan looks beyond energy successes for economic growth - Oil & Gas Journal

05.05.2014 12:06 GMT

The U.S.-based Oil & Gas Journal has published an article titled “Azerbaijan looks beyond energy successes for economic growth”.

We are starting to think about whether we made the right choice – top official

29.04.2014 13:26 GMT

Azerbaijan sometimes thinks about whether the right choice was made, when for so many years the country has been facing double standards.

It is Armenia who needs Turkey – Govhar Bakhshaliyeva

28.04.2014 12:00 GMT

"Public statements that the Armenian press circulated on the eve of anniversary of the 1915 events are nonsense and a result of sick imagination of the Armenian nationalists."

Sargsyan must have been ashamed to come to Prague summit – analyst

28.04.2014 10:40 GMT

The attempt of Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan to take advantage of the absence of Turkey at the Prague summit of "Eastern Partnership" and launch demagoguery against the latter has faced a timely definitive response from President Ilham Aliyev.

Karabakh conflict can be settled if there is good will – Turkish vice premier

28.04.2014 10:06 GMT

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Emrullah Ishler drew attention to the issues of Nagorno Karabakh conflict and events of 1915 in the Ottoman Empire as part of his visit to Vatican.

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