Saga of ‘genocide’: are Jews to be blamed for it?

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The language of genocide - The Hill

25.04.2014 14:04 GMT

By Mallory Moss

NATO expansion plans in the context of Ukraine crisis -

25.04.2014 13:23 GMT

Foreign ministers of the member states to the North Atlantic military block met in Brussels on 1-4 April 2014.

Choosing between war and peace: US strategy in Eurasia -

25.04.2014 13:03 GMT

Experts say the Ukrainian crisis has added fuel to superpowers` geopolitical struggle. According to media reports, official Washington is searching for new ways of ensuring its strategic interests.

Armenians strategically losing in issue of 1915 events – expert

24.04.2014 15:51 GMT

I do not think that US President Barack Obama will say more than the previous presidents told before him about the events of 1915, political scientist Rasim Aghayev said.

ASALA threatens Turkey upon Sargsyan's order

23.04.2014 16:51 GMT

Armenian terrorist Vazgen Sislian from ASALA demonstrates the true nature of Armenian authorities by voicing threats against Turkey.

Subjective interpretation of principles of int'l law as system of ‘int'l threat’

23.04.2014 13:02 GMT

We have repeatedly written that the subjective interpretation of the right of peoples to self-determination can be compared with a time bomb.

Nations' self-determination within single state is viable option – expert

22.04.2014 16:00 GMT

A national self-determination within a single multinational state is possible at a modern world and this is the most suitable option.

'Free interpretation of international law may have boomerang effect'

21.04.2014 16:36 GMT

"Allegations that the right of people to self-determination comes to the fore amid a threat of chaos are very dangerous from the point of view of international law and may have an effect of a boomerang”.

Warlick needs to be equally unbiased towards both conflicting sides – MP

21.04.2014 15:01 GMT

The American co-chair would better to show the same objectivity towards both sides, rather than ask the God for help in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

Peskov’s comment aims at justifying Russia’s actions in Ukraine

21.04.2014 14:35 GMT

Russia is trying to justify its actions in Ukraine, said the analyst, deputy of Milli Majlis Rasim Musabayov commenting on the statement of Russian president's press secretary Dmitry Peskov that "the right to self-determination of the people is coming to the fore when international law ceases to act and the threat of chaos comes as it happened in Ukraine”.

Sargsyan, accusing Turkey, resorts to the next trick in his own style – analyst

21.04.2014 10:25 GMT

Turkey, as a major regional power, agreeing to normalize relations with Armenia, made a gesture of goodwill, political scientist Fikrat Sadikhov has said, commenting on Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan's statement that the process of normalization of relations with Turkey is at an impasse and frozen due to the fault of the Turkish side.

Azerbaijan and the 'Bear' next door

21.04.2014 09:50 GMT

By Norma Zager Russian President Vladimir Putin’s aggressive posture toward his neighbors seems to have graduated into bona fide Russian foreign policy given the Russian invasion of the Republic of Georgia in 2009 and the recent invasion and subsequent annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula.

Azerbaijan has all capabilities to become scientific center of the region

18.04.2014 12:40 GMT

"President Ilham Aliyev's orders to develop science in the country have formed the basis for success of the National Academy of Science".

No religious belief should intervene in Azerbaijan's secular norms – official

17.04.2014 11:30 GMT

Today's meeting which also involved political parties represented in parliament held quite constructive discussions.

'Azerbaijanis must support President’s call regarding sanctions against Armenia'

16.04.2014 15:32 GMT

Azerbaijan has the right to require the adoption of international sanctions against Armenia, which holds under occupation a part of Azerbaijan's territory for many years.

Azerbaijan economy to be further diversified in 2014 – expert

16.04.2014 15:30 GMT

Azerbaijan achieved high economic growth rates in the first quarter of 2014.

OSCE Minsk Group must be reformatted – analyst

16.04.2014 15:00 GMT

If at the time the international community had a sufficient interest in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, it would have made the correct conclusions about the aggressive nature of Armenian chauvinism, built on territorial claims against neighbouring states.

Int'l documents undersigned by leading politicians depreciated – expert

16.04.2014 13:08 GMT

Our President has expressed an unequivocal position on recurrent issues that the Azerbaijani public is concerned over, which fully coincides with the opinion of the general public in Azerbaijan.

"Ukrainian detonator" of modern geopolitics -

16.04.2014 12:00 GMT

Modern world is characterized by the great variety and controversy of ongoing geopolitical, geo-economic, inter-civilization and other processes.

US expert writes on Azerbaijan’s strategic relations with United States

16.04.2014 11:00 GMT

The U.S. news portal “Foreign Policy News” has issued an article titled “Azerbaijan’s strategic relations with the United States” by expert on international relations Peter Tase.

Shelling civilian houses is the essence of Armenia – MP

15.04.2014 16:00 GMT

Shelling civilian houses is the essence of Armenia and its armed forces, says MP Ganira Pashayeva on her Facebook page.

E-court promotes increased trust of citizens to justice – Fikrat Mammadov

15.04.2014 13:53 GMT

Media recently published information about an expanded session of the Judicial and Legal Council and discussion of issues emanating from the Decree of President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev on creation of the e-court information system of 13 February 2014.

US may try to use ‘oil leverage’ to curb Russia – exprt

15.04.2014 11:30 GMT

An important issue as oil price on the world markets may have been discussed during the recent visit of the US president to Saudi Arabia.

Not even Nobel winner is able to develop Armenian economy – expert

14.04.2014 14:45 GMT

"Hovik Abrahamyan is known as a man close to Serzh Sargsyan and Robert Kocharyan. His appointment has been agreed upon by the power elite in Armenia,” MP, political expert Rasim Musabayov stated while commenting on Abrahamyan’s appointment as new prime minister of Armenia.

Armenia is slowly but surely sinking into a hopeless abyss - Russian expert

14.04.2014 14:40 GMT

No changes will occur in the strategy of foreign and domestic policy of Armenia in the foreseeable future, which is primarily related to the structure of Armenian economy.

NATO with its arguments recognized illegality of "referendum" in Karabakh

14.04.2014 11:35 GMT

A few days ago the North Atlantic bloc posted on its official website answers to the theses of Moscow concerning relations between Russia and NATO.

Actual international view as a result of the occupation of Azerbaijani territori

14.04.2014 11:00 GMT

by Elkhan Suleymanov, President of the Association for Civil Society Development in Azerbaijan, MP from Shamakhy.

American energy impacts global stability - Jim Bridenstine

14.04.2014 10:25 GMT

By Rep. Jim Bridenstine Control a nation's energy, and you control the nation.

Deputy FM comments on NATO's position on Nagorno-Karabakh

11.04.2014 11:44 GMT

NATO is informed about the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, but for various reasons this structure has limited opportunities to participate and contribute to certain processes.

‘Sargsyan’s term to add to Armenia’s history as a period of frustrated hopes’

11.04.2014 10:25 GMT

Sargsyan is hated in Armenia even more than any other citizen of this country, political scientist Rasim Agayev said.

Afterword to Sargsyan's visit to Ashgabat

11.04.2014 10:00 GMT

Serzh Sargsyan’s visit to Turkmenistan and the theses of his speech voiced at the joint news conference with Turkmen counterpart in Ashgabat remains one of the most discussed topics in Armenian media.

Sargsyan seems to be stuck, he repeats the same thing all the time - expert

10.04.2014 13:43 GMT

Armenian president dared to declare position on Karabakh issue on Turkmenistan’s behalf - expert.

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