Why did Pashinyan send his son to Karabakh?

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Armenia’s destiny defined by its sponsors

07.02.2014 11:39 GMT

The activity of the OSCE Minsk Group, aimed at resolving the Nagorno- Karabakh conflict should be more active, and it primarily depends on each of the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs.

Turkey, Azerbaijan must cooperate actively to avert attacks by Armenian diaspora

06.02.2014 11:25 GMT

Participation of the chairman of the State Committee of the Azerbaijan Republic on Cooperation with Religious Organizations Elshad Isgandarov in the scientific and practical conference on the Alliance of Civilizations in Istanbul, has attracted increasing attention of the Turkish media.

'Azerbaijani youth is able to properly represent its homeland in the world'

05.02.2014 17:11 GMT

Being a young citizen of Azerbaijan is very honourable.

Azad Rahimov: "Azerbaijani youth will have a very interesting year"

03.02.2014 14:16 GMT

A number of events in the sphere of youth and sports will be held in the country in 2014. The statement came from Minister of Youth and Sports of Azerbaijan Azad Rahimov.

Warlick again upset with soldier death of Armenian occupying forces

30.01.2014 12:55 GMT

U.S. co-chair of the OSCE Minsk Group James Warlick has once again expressed his condolences over the death of an Armenian soldier in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan.

Eurasian Customs Union: Advantages and Disadvantages

27.01.2014 12:21 GMT

by Emin Akhundzada, PhD Candidate, Acadamecis & Research Coordinator at Caspian Strategy Institute.

EU and Azerbaijan cooperate in bilateral and multilateral formats – MP

22.01.2014 14:55 GMT

Azerbaijan and the EU have a very dynamic relationship based on mutual trust, MP, member of the Committee on Cooperation between the EU and Azerbaijan Fuad Muradov believes.

Number of people willing to migrate from Armenia reaches 38% - official

22.01.2014 10:47 GMT

There is a 13% drop in number of people willing to migrate worldwide.

Armenia's entry to the Customs Union hurts its national interests

21.01.2014 17:54 GMT

By Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vusal Gasimli, Chief of the Department of the Economic Analysis and Global Affairs, Center for Strategic Studies under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

'Armenians launched another 'duck' to disrupt the negotiation process'

21.01.2014 14:43 GMT

All that today the Armenian side does fits into the format of its policy for many decades.

Azerbaijan prepares action plan for chairmanship in CE

20.01.2014 11:30 GMT

The action plan during Azerbaijan’s chairmanship in the Council of Europe will be ready by June when the chairmanship term starts officially.

Azerbaijan, NATO maintain close cooperation – MP

17.01.2014 16:45 GMT

There is a close cooperation between NATO and Azerbaijan and this cooperation will continue to strengthen.

Attracting migrants from Armenia to Poland political action against Moscow

17.01.2014 16:18 GMT

One version of the action of Poland, aimed at attracting migrant workers from Armenia, is that it is a political action aimed against Moscow.

Azerbaijan is an important ally of US – Colorado senators

17.01.2014 14:47 GMT

A presentation of Azerbaijan was held at a plenary session of the Senate of the State of Colorado on 15 January.

Conflict can be settled, if Armenia realizes the need for de-occupation - MP

16.01.2014 16:01 GMT

The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict can be settled through peaceful negotiations with the assistance of international organizations, in particular the OSCE Minsk Group .

Contacts between civil societies of Turkey-Armenia not promising border opening

15.01.2014 15:05 GMT

The meeting of representatives of civil society of Turkey and Armenia, confidence building measures between the two is normal.

Resolution of Karabakh conflict to boost Customs Union – expert

14.01.2014 12:48 GMT

More attempts will be made to realize integration processes in the post-Soviet area.

Azerbaijan can participate in transit projects through pipeline TANAP - expert

13.01.2014 12:42 GMT

One of the main events of the year was the adoption of the final investment decision on the second phase of the development of offshore gas field Shah Deniz.

Azerbaijan at the United Nations Security Council 2012-2013: experience earned

10.01.2014 12:35 GMT

By Elmar Mammadyarov, Foreign Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan’s real GDP growth makes 5.8% in 2013

10.01.2014 11:25 GMT

Macroeconomic dynamics in 2013 demonstrates the successful implementation of the course aimed at diversification of country’s economy. Thus, real GDP growth in 2013 made 5.8% in Azerbaijan, growing to AZN 57bn.

Armenian diaspora still seeks recognition of break-away Nagorno-Karabakh in US

08.01.2014 15:38 GMT

Constant attempts of Armenian diaspora to push through a resolution on recognition of independence of Nagorno-Karabakh in legislatures of various states of the US are blatant provocation, Azerbaijani political scientist Fikrat Sadikhov says.

'Hoping that Karabakh will enter the CU zone is quite naive'

30.12.2013 16:59 GMT

Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev, as an experienced politician and one of the founding fathers of the Eurasian integration, has not yet put forward any certain political demands and outlined problems that may arise in the near future due to incomplete clarity on important issues for the Customs Union.

Number of foreign powers interested in Karabakh conflict settlement is lower

30.12.2013 14:31 GMT

Violation of ceasefire on the contact line is not the cause but the consequence of the Nagorno- Karabakh conflict, due to which the Azerbaijani army bears losses from Armenian snipers .

No provocation will weaken Azerbaijan's determination to liberate its lands – MP

30.12.2013 11:14 GMT

"The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict has not yet ended, but only temporarily suspended, which means that the armed forces of Azerbaijan are in constant combat readiness."

Karabakh conflict ‘serious problem for those who sign agreements with Armenia'

28.12.2013 16:51 GMT

Unless Armenia withdraws from occupied Azerbaijani territories, it will not have any prospects in the Customs Union.

'Azerbaijani scientists must be famous not only in the country but also abroad'

27.12.2013 17:08 GMT

Research is self-sacrifice. The statement came from head of the Department for Political Analysis and Information Support of the Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan Elnur Aslanov .

We need a new format of the OSCE Minsk Group – MP

26.12.2013 14:58 GMT

In order to avoid equating the aggressor country and the country that has been the victim of aggression in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, there is a need for a new format of the OSCE Minsk Group and a new mechanism of its decision-making, Azerbaijani MP Zahid Oruj has said.

Azerbaijanis in some post-Soviet countries face unfair attitude – official

26.12.2013 14:32 GMT

“Majority of Russians in the South Caucasus live in Azerbaijan and Russian community here is considered the largest community in this region.”

'Regulation of virtual relations is one of important human rights conditions'

25.12.2013 17:56 GMT

Protection of copyright in cyberspace is a question that worries everyone, Head of the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights Rabiyyat Aslanova has said at scientific and practical conference "Protection of copyright in cyberspace" in Baku

'Armenia’s accession to Customs Union not to solve economic problems'

25.12.2013 14:35 GMT

"Armenia's accession to the new international organizations such as the Customs Union will not solve the economic problems of Yerevan. No new investments will be made in the Armenian economy”.

Present Armenia resembles not independent state, but Kaliningrad region – MP

25.12.2013 12:17 GMT

The adoption of the "road map" for Armenia's accession to the Customs Union was expected, since Vladimir Putin and Serzh Sargsyan discussed already all theoretical questions and the Armenian leader had only to demonstrate the practical implementation of this step, Azerbaijani MP Asim Mollazade has told 1news.az.

Azerbaijan see drop in piracy rate – state agency

25.12.2013 11:54 GMT

Azerbaijan is one of the countries which actively fights piracy.

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