Euronews: Halva - a culinary specialty in Azerbaijan - VIDEO

Tue 25 July 2017 17:23 GMT | 21:23 Local Time

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The Euronews TV channel continues to acquaint spectators with Azerbaijan.

According to Oxu.Az, this time the Postcards program tells about the famous delicacy - honey halva, well known today beyonf the eastern world.

According to the experts, this is a dessert which was already known in Ancient Mesopotamia, in the seventh century BC.

"Basically, we know halva made from sunflower seeds. But the real halva can be found only in Azerbaijan, and each region has its own recipe. The most delicious, probably, is made in the city of Sheki.

In addition to nuts, spices are used in the preparation of halva. A special saffron jam is applied to the surface with a goose feather. Unforgettable taste is provided by thyme and saffron," says the story.

The pastries, measuring approximately one metre in diameter, have become a fixture for travelling foodies.

You will have guessed that we won’t be given all the details. It’s a secret that has been well guarded from generation to generation. People call those who make halva "halvachi". 

The local halvacho Torgul Valiyakhmedi shared some secrets:

"Each Halva consists of five rice cakes, hazelnuts, sugar and syrup, cooked with water and lemon. Then the resulting mass should be left alone for a day - to be soaked in."

No one will ever know the details: how to properly bake layers of dough, how many chopped nuts to add, how to prepare a sweet syrup. 





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