Geomagnetic storm expected

Wed 01 March 2017 10:33 GMT | 14:33 Local Time

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The Kp geomagnetic index is currently 3 (maximum 9) but will gradually rise.

Magnetic perturbations are expected continue throughout today and the coming days, Elchin Babayev, Deputy Director for Shamakhi Astrophysical Observatory named after Nasraddin Tusi of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS), told APA.
According to him, a G1 type storm is expected to occur in the coming hours and tomorrow. The maximum scale is G5 and storms this strong happen quite rarely – once or twice in every eleven years.
“The current solar perturbations are resulting from the high-speed solar plasma wind originating from a large canyon-shape ‘crown hole’ that currently exists on the Sun’s surface. Plasma particles easily leave crown holes and spread across interplanetary space, as well as to the Earth. The current speed of the plasma wind reaches 460km/s,” he added.
Babayev said that directing of interplanetary magnetic field z-component to the south makes space weather conditions more unfavorable and plays the “catalyst” role.
According to him, the atmospheric pressure relatively rises and it increases the negative discomfort effects.
“The hurricane is more effective in upper latitudes. Photos of mysterious northern lights (“Aurora Borealis”) will be soon disseminated in the media. The impact is usually weak for geographical mid-latitudes. Unlike healthy people, those who are at risk suffering from chronic cardiovascular diseases, as well as old people, children should avoid tension and take preventive measures (based on medical advice)”, he said.




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