“There are many examples when off-format songs became most popular’

Fri 28 Mar 2014 07:50 GMT | 11:50 Local Time

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1news.az interviews representative of Azerbaijan at Eurovision 2014 international song contest Dilara Kazimova.

Singer Dilara Kazimova is to represent Azerbaijan in Eurovision 2014 due in Copenhagen on 6-10 May with her lyrical ballad ‘Start a Fire’ by Johann Kronland, Alessander Guthardt and Stephan Orn (the latter was one of the authors of ‘Running Scared’-the winner-song of Eurovision 2011). The Azerbaijani representative will be the eighth in the first semifinal on 6 May.

Before the promo-tour Dilara Kazimov gave an interview to 1news.az.

Dilara, did you like the song chosen for the contest at once? What did you feel when you first listened to the demo version of ‘Start a fire’?

Yes, I liked the song at once. I cannot describe it but when you hear it for the first time, you realize that it has something touchy. This song is not like any other.

For me, there is something intangible about it, something attractive and appealing. I am eager to share these emotions with the audience from the Eurovision stage.  

Is ‘Start a fire’ close to you? Is this your story?

There are very many different and not always easy situations in person’s life. And my life is no exception. My story is to be humane, sincere and show respect for each other. Therefore, certainly, this song is very close to me.

The composition has an excellent slogan – ‘May the slightest light start a fire’. Do you agree with this?

I think it is possible, if not literally. I am a dreamer. And I believe that a man must always try to see and find something good in his life. And if you begin with something little, you may probably get something bigger.

What can you say to those who did not life the song and to those who say it is not for the contest though stressing that the composition is very good?

Contest is always unpredictable. There were many cases in Eurovision when off-format songs became the most popular. It is very difficult to foresee. Therefore, it is necessary to compose a good song, which will be pleasant for listeners.  

What do your colleagues and friends think about the song? What do they say about this composition?

The opinions are very different. Someone likes it, others do not, we are all different and this is natural. And I find it difficult to assess this song, because I like it very much.

What are the chances in Eurovision 2014?

I do not want to speak about stakes and chances now. I wish this song leaves no one indifferent.

What can you say about the representatives of other countries? Which song do you consider strong? And what is your overall opinion about the opponents?

There are very many good and strong songs this year. But I have not yet made my list of favorites.

Not much is left to Eurovision. How do the preparations for the contest proceed?

The preparations are going well. Despite the busy schedule of rehearsals, I enjoy the preparations because I love singing, love working and love seeing the results of my work.

You have told a press conference that you primarily expect a good performance in Eurovision, and what can you say about the victory? Are you determined to win?

The result of my work has always been a priority to me, therefore, it is very important for me to make a good performance. And if the victory comes, it means that was the destiny (smiles).




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