Expert: It would be good if Armenians sober up without war

Mon 28 September 2015 06:03 GMT | 11:03 Local Time

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Oxu.Az interviews Milli Majlis deputy and political scientist Rasim Musabayov.

Talks on Nagorno Karabakh proceed with the unprecedented tension in the conflict area. The parties are already firing at each other’s position using heavy guns but there are victims not only among servicemen but also civilians. It would be interesting to hear your vision of the situation. What does it prove? 

This situation proves the only thing: it is impossible further to protract the withdrawal of Armenian armed forces from Azerbaijani lands. Azerbaijan can no longer turn a blind eye on the illegal occupation of Azerbaijani lands lasting for more than 20 years and contradicting to the resolutions of the UN Security Council and UN General Assembly. 

And I think that in fact this has been brought to the common attention. When Armenians start to raise hell impudently, they must be said: “Basta! Withdraw your troops from the occupied Azerbaijani lands.”

I have to say… Has the Azerbaijani diplomacy taken enough steps to persuade the world community about the fairness of Baku’s position?

I think that the world community is well aware of the situation even without the efforts of Azerbaijani diplomacy. They simply did not especially care about it. “Well, give Armenians part of your territory, because they are so poor” – this is the attitude of the world community. A cynical attitude built on double standards. Azerbaijan must think more about its own national interests and put the question quite stiffly what is recently being done. 

Can the tensions grow into a new war and interference of the third countries? 

Of the third forces, in this case, the matter is about Russians. Others have no direct potential to interfere. But, as I can judge by Russia’s reactions, they gradually start to say ‘Stop it’. 

By the way, the same opinion was voiced by analysts of the influential American center Stratfor, famous for its links to the CIA. 

In fact, this is the matter and it would be very good if Armenians realize it without war. It would be a great pity if they understand the realities through another bloody clash. 

Armenian president Sargsyan made a remarkable statement commenting on the escalation on front line… 

All his words are a complete nonsense. “A retributive sword’, blah blah blah… I think that the perplexity of the regime is hidden behind all these words. 

Definitely, it is. But I mean that beside this he has called Nagorno Karabakh ‘an integral part of Armenia’ for the first time over the past years… 

This is an old Armenian focus, a threat. They constantly say that they will not recognize Nagorno Karabakh as long as talks are going on. As soon as the hostilities start, they will immediately recognize Nagorno Karabakh and strike a formal union with it.

So whom are they trying to intimidate by saying this? They have littered their heads with their own myths and live in the world of illusions in which the Armenian army is almighty and all their interests and legal and based on Noah’s legends, therefore becoming the hostages of their own fantasies. 

Some observers pay attention to the fact of contacts between the leaders of Turkey and Russia in anticipation of this escalation of tensions. There were even the reports that Karabakh was one of the topics of negotiations. Anyway, does the problem settlement benefit from the Russian-Turkey rapprochement?

The Russian-Turkish negotiations and relations have a far broader agenda than that having a direct relation to Azerbaijan. But I suppose that any peace in the region based on international law would result on agreements on this issue between Turkey and Russia. 




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