Lieberman: Conflict in Karabakh was provoked by Armenia

Fri 15 April 2016 07:57 GMT | 11:57 Local Time

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"The next escalation in the conflict erupted when Ilham Aliyev was in the United States."

Leader of Our home Israel party, former Foreign Minister of Israel Avigdor Lieberman answered the questions from

According to Oxu.Az, during the interview he spoke about the recent escalation of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict around Karabakh. Lieberman openly called Armenia the provocator of the conflict.

You have recently said that you consider Azerbaijan's stance on Nagorno Karabakh conflict justified. What is your support to Baku based on?

I am closely watching the developments in the region and am convinced that everything started with the provocation from the opposite party. The next escalation in the conflict erupted when Aliyev was in the United States where he met Obama. Such decisions are not made when the head of state is abroad. In addition, the economic situation in Azerbaijan is not easy. Their currency has deppreciated twice due to the drop in oil and gas prices. These was the most inappropriate moment for the conflict for Azerbaijan. In addition, Baku representatives showed a balanced and responsible approach at the negotiations attended by the representatives of Russia and the United States.

Don't you fear that your support to one of the conflict parties may deprive you of some votes in Israel? During the Russia-Ukraine conflict the Israeli politicians, including you, tried to refrain from such statements.

This is because we cannot take a side between Russia and Ukraine, since the situation there is not that easy and obvious. But in this case, everything is absolutely clear - Azerbaijan had no reason to unleash a conflict. 




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