Armenian human rights activist: I love you, Azerbaijanis!

Mon 10 October 2016 06:01 GMT | 10:01 Local Time

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Unexpected appearance of famous Armenian human rights activist Vage Avetyan in Baku on Sunday became the biggest sensation of the past day.

Avetyan is a political migrant and strong critic of Sargsyan's regime, currently residing in Sweden. In addition, Avetyan is one of the few Armenian political figures who openly apologized for Khojaly genocide. 

Avetyan is currently in the territory of the Baku airport, and Azerbaijani authorities have not yet decided about issuance of visa to the unexpected guest. asked several questions to Armenian human rights activist.

Are you currently at the airport?


Are you in a neutral area? How are you treated? Are you treated with tea or meals?

Yes, in a neutral. They have treated me, but I mostly buy things.

Are you the citizen of Sweden or Armenia?

Both of Sweden and Armenia. Both countries allow dual citizenship.

Earlier you wrote on your Facebook page that you were greeted by Azerbaijani special services. Did they refuse to let you into the country? Why? How did they explain the motive?

They told me that I need visa. They contacted someone regarding me and got refusal. Special services were here in the afternoon. After talking to them I decided that I will be let in, but I am still in the airport area.

How long are you planning to stay in Baku?

I am flying to Frankfurt on October 11 morning. I will be here tomorrow, too.

Are you planning to hold a press conference or make a statement in Baku? What is your main message to Azerbaijan?

No, I am not planning. Not this time. And I was not going to.

Is this just an action of peace?

I promised to take part in a television program with Mehriban Kasumova, as soon as I get to Baku. But she seems to be on vacation, and my trip was unexpected. This time I was not planning to make public speeches. This is even not an action. It was a trip for soul. I wanted to lay flowers to the memorial of Khojaly victims.

Do you understand that you, like Vahan Martirosyan, will likely be declared a betrayer in Yerevan?

Where would I be today, if I was bothered about Armenian bastards and corrupt media?

It means that you are confident that our peoples can live in peace and accord?

For sure. There always two neighbor countries which fought each other. All European countries, for example, were once in a state of war. And our peoples will come to peace sooner of later. My greetings to all Azerbaijanis! Even if I am not allowed to the city, I am here. Lay a bouquet of flowers to the memorial of Khojaly victims on my behalf. I will lay them myself next time. I love you. Peace to your homes!




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