Expert: We should prepare for war rather than intimidate enemy through media

Mon 06 July 2015 07:26 GMT | 12:26 Local Time

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Oxu.Az interviews war expert, resigned general Vladimir Timoshenko.

Information about talks between Moscow and Yerevan regarding plans to supply ballistic complexes Iskander-M to Armenia has caused a wave of outrage in Azerbaijan. All the same, there is an opinion that even in case these complexes are delivered, Armenians won't be able to use them without Russia's information. In any case, should Azerbaijan be concerned over Armenia's possession of these complexes?

It is not targeting Azerbaijan. This is my personal opinion. Iskander cannot be used against our flying jets in our territory because this would be a military crime and those responsible will be held accountable in the tribulal.

So, who are they targeting?

NATO. All these negotiations are just flowers against what Russia is taking in this direction. See what will happen further. America, NATO have adopted a decision to raise armament in Europe. And Russia, in response, started to fortify its flanks. They will place their weapony on their military base, in other part of Armenia, as well.

But should we watch silently the process of our enemy's armament by Russia, whatever is behind it?

We, just like we did earlier, should strengthen our combat readiness. And, by the way, we should intimidate Armenians less. Our people like boasting about the purchased armament via press. This should not be done. We should prepare for war rather than intimidate the enemy through media. Or, for example, the statements about production of an unrivalled sniper rifle in Azerbaijan.

Everyone understands that the sniper rifle is intended not for hunting the hares. This should also not be published. We must be really strong. By the way, the Defense Ministry, the General Staff is seriously strengthening the military might and this produces a strong effect.

And another thing that I would like to note is that I am often asked: Is our army ready? I answer: the army is ready but it is necessary for the state to be ready and have good mobilization reserves.

What weaponry do we need as a country, preparing for war?

We would primarily have an offensive weaponry, cutting-edge reliable means for termination of flying jets, aviation.

What goes does Russia pursue by arming both Azerbaijan and Armenia that are on the verge of a new war?

It is no secret that Russia is taking a pro-Armenian position. If we look through the documents that we have signed so far, it would become clear that any trust to Russia's impartiality is our of the question. Even when it is acting to organize the meetings of the Presidents of Azerbaijan and Armenia, it is just a hot air. Russia is happy about the current state of affairs. It seeks to keep a rein on Azerbaijan so that we remain dependent on Russia.
After a half of the world turned their back to Russia, Russian politicians became frequent visitors to our country. Whoever has come here: State duma head, foreign minister, even that clown Zhirinovski. I believe that Azerbaijan should use this situation for its interests. Call it a bargain, if we wish.

Do you mean that under such circumstances Azerbaijan can count on Russia's activeness in liberation of the occupied lands?

Let it at least liberate the regions around Nagorno Karabakh. In this case, Azerbaijan  will assume a commitment. If these regions are considered 'a buffer zone' for Armenians, we will undertake not to place the armed forces there. And let them withdraw.

I hear that such measures are taken in this direction, but I see no breakthrough. There is an exchange of coutesies with Russia, but no real results are observed.

Meanwhile, it is not the last case of supply of Iskanders to Armenia. Russia delivers many other things there, 'just in case'. But, as I have already said, we should rather care of aviation and ballistic complex, applied for hitting the surface targets. 




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