Iran eyes to preserve national, regional security via Syrian conflict settlement

Mon 18 September 2017 17:02 GMT | 21:02 Local Time

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Iran’s activeness in regional issues and particularly in the Syrian conflict settlement shows the country’s intention to ensure its own national security, as well as the security of the whole region amid intensive fight against terrorism.

“Iran like any other country, seeks to preserve national security and its regional influence, so it will not be surprising if Iran wants to create a privileged position after the [Syrian] war,” Ali Pishro, a political analyst and Iran expert at the University of Birmingham, told Trend.

He added that ISIS is not just a security problem of Iran and the region’s countries, and the attacks organized by the ISIS terrorist groups in Europe once again showed that in order to solve world-wide security problems, weapons selling countries must tightly control the outcome of this business.

“Selling weapons to countries in the region may in the short term give a huge profit, but in the long run they will have a profound negative impact on international security,” said Pishro.

The expert added that ISIS, despite its global threats and numerous crimes, is not able to defuse such a large country as Iran.

As the ISIS has aimed to firmly root in Syria, Iran is expanding its influence in the country as far as it is possible, trying to take the situation of the region under control and dislodging terrorist groups together with Russia and Turkey.

The current developments will apparently lead to strengthening of Iran’s position in the Middle East and its role as a security guarantor and one of the main obstacles to the terrorism in the region.




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