Energy Min: Iran to export 250,000 megawatts of electricity to Iraq in 2012

Tue 26 Jul 2011 00:26 GMT | 04:26 Local Time

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Iran is exporting 800 megawatts to Iraq now, which would increase to 250,000 megawatts in summer of 2012.

IRI Energy Minister said here Monday Iran is exporting 800 megawatts to Iraq now, which would increase to 250,000 megawatts in summer of 2012 after completion of electricity export project to that country.
According to an IRNA Economic Desk reporter, Majid Namjou who was speaking on the sidelines of his talks with the Iraqi Electricity Minister Raad Shalal Saeid added in a meeting with the press, “Putting to use the 400 kilowatt Karkheh line was among the axes of our talks and keeping in mind the moves made by both sides, we hope by the summer of next year this capacity for exporting electricity to Iraq would be operationalized.”

He said that the other project emphasized by the Iraqi side in our talks was the Khorramshahr-Abu Folus line, adding, “By dispatching teams of technicians and solving the existing problems the difficulties related to this line, too, would be eliminated and in the summer of 2012 the capacity of our country for exporting electricity to Iraq would reach the 1,250 megawatts limit.”
Namjou referred to his meeting with the Iraqi Electricity Minister a while ago on the margins of the Vienna Conference on New Energies, adding, “In that meeting in order to expand bilateral cooperation in electricity field, the ministers of the two countries visited the electricity facilities of each others’ countries and studied the ground for cooperation.”
The Energy Minister added, “The Iraqi Electricity Minister has come to Iran and he would visit the various parts of the Iranian electricity industries.”

According to Namjou, the Iraqi Electricity Minister would in his visit of Iran also visit the Mapna Industrial Complex, which is manufacturing gas turbines and generators.

The Energy Minister referred to Iraq’s debts to Iran for the exported electricity to that country, saying, “The Iraqi side has promised to pursue the matter and see into its proper payment.”

According to Namjou, the construction and installment of the power generator needed for this project, and the required repairs, constructing the distribution and synchronizing posts of the two countries’ electricity networks were the other axes of the two countries’ negotiations, for pursuing which groups of technicians of the two countries would be established.

He added, “In order to implement these programs the draft of a letter of understanding has been prepared to be signed by the two sides and the Iraqi side would at the end of its visit of Iran express its opinion on the matter.

Focusing on synchronizing the two countries’ electricity networks, Namjou said that the most important factor in exporting electricity is that the two countries’ electricity networks would be synchronized with each other.

He added, “Keeping in mind the differences in the level of qualities of the country’s electricity, in order to materialize the export objective, it has been agreed that facilities at a region in the importer country would synchronize the imported electricity before connecting it with the Iraqi electricity network.”

The Energy Minister said that thanks to employing modern technologies, and the advancements in our country’s electricity network, in very near future we would be able to export electricity to other countries resorting to modern technologies.




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