Baku proposes a short way: if Armenia rejects it, it will do harm to itself

Sat 02 September 2017 18:12 GMT | 22:12 Local Time

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In any complex process, obtaining a result requires a horizon of clarity.

In politics, it is especially important, because mutual understanding is achieved with the help of certainty.
Karabakh process is no exception, political expert Tofig Abbasov said in his article published on Vesti.Az. But the more Armenian leaders show openness in public, the larger is the evidence that the psychophysical decline is growing at the top of the neighboring republic. It is unserious to think of a breakthrough at such.

Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian does not cease to amaze the public with the skill of rhetoric. But, pouring from empty to empty, he reveals his weaknesses. The lack of creative resources to update the worn clip of stamps is seen with a naked eye. And in general, it is high time to change the boring tape.
As soon as Elmar Mammadyarov urged the aggressor country to launch substantiate negotiations, Nalbandian responded but again in the form of nonsense, which could be pronounced by only a spiritual invalid or master of obstruction.

Lost in the endless ocean of immorality, the Armenian minister could not find anything worthwhile but accuse Azerbaijan of ingratitude using the vulgar language. Being one of the centerpieces of the stubborn team of poseurs, the minister turned the blocking of truth into his favorite case. That's why he declares that "Azerbaijan is trying to throw dust into the eyes of the international community".

Once again Baku is categorically and unjustifiably accused by Nalbandian of unwillingness to notice the breakthrough and accumulated use. So, if everything goes on its own, it means that there is no need to blame the lack of progress? In Yerevan’s view, this is exactly how it should be understood, and the imitation of action, when a step is taken forward and two steps back, is the idyll itself.

Pleased with himself, Nalbandian argues his own self-sufficiency with a weighty, as it seems to him, argument, more precisely technical statistics. Recalling that "over the past 10 years, there have been 20 meetings at the level of the presidents of the conflicting parties and 40 meetings at the level of the foreign ministers", he draws a useful result. So, the effectiveness has been achieved, and this can only be applauded? If everything is so smooth, then it's time to ask - what was the political process and what is its main result?

One thing is gratifying: the maximum range of empty-handed shots of Armenian diplomacy lies within restricted limits. In serious fields, this kind of "the truth" is not quoted and does not change anything. Why? Because it is designed for a soap effect.

If Nalbandian's arguments about the rationality of the results of conducted meetings are taken for granted, then what caused the events of April 2016? Did they erupt because Yerevan, hammering down the uncomfortable truth of Baku, was carried away by the undermining of the peace process? Playing with conceit and intentionally constipating the diplomatic round, Yerevan paid for its sins.

Since then, Nalbandyan has repeatedly been saying, "Baku must prove the readiness for a settlement on the basis of recognition of three principles proposed by the mediators: the non-use of force, territorial integrity and the right of peoples to self-determination." By intentionally putting the cart in front of the horse, Yerevan again comes to the old rake, striking out the acceptable prerequisites. This is not a consequence of error, but there is evidence of inert intentions, designed to cancel the sought-after efforts.

Otherwise, Nalbandian would not be brave with statistics, which compressed in itself a dense set of all sorts of tricks and scams. Even if the number of presidential and ministerial meetings exceeded one hundred or thousand by the Armenian scenario, there would be no transition from quantity to quality. That is why Baku puts the issue on edge about substantive negotiations in order to rid the process of provocative excuses and procrastination.

Azerbaijan has never rejected the principles approved by the mediators, just as it did not avoid objective discussions. A peaceful settlement based on the inviolability of borders represents a golden reality, which the parties should treat with respect. The right to self-determination and strengthening of confidence-building measures are secondary. Disagreeing with the objective sequence of principles, Yerevan therefore violates the cease-fire regime so that to plunge into the jungles of uncertainty in the morning, and then to write off the costs for the competitor.

By shifting the blame on the opposite side, Armenia does not intend to build a coherent line for the improvement of the political process. Its purpose is to distort the general background, cast a shadow over the wattle fence, and then step back from the negotiation cycle with a displeased expression on the face, accusing Azerbaijan of inability to negotiate.

Nalbandian says, "Azerbaijan pulls up a brave front". Look who is talking. The shameful confusion experienced by the Armenian military-political elite in the venerable April is still being grimaced by horror on the faces of the failed warriors and stumbling diplomats. So, he better be silent about external effects.

The situation is not simple, but not hopeless. It is worth listening to the voice of reason, which was recently pronounced by Azerbaijani Minister Elmar Mammadyarov. Indeed, "it is necessary to shift the negotiation process by withdrawing Armenian troops from the disputed territories." It won’t go without this. Demilitarization will enable displaced persons to return to their places of permanent residence. And then the issues of security, unblocking of communications, use of the economic factor will influence the recreation of the atmosphere of trust.

Official Baku’s proposal points to a short way. If Armenia refuses it, it will do harm to itself. Nalbandian’s recklessness undoubtedly won’t save his associates. In addition, we should remember that unexpected stresses are often an antidote to acute psychophysical disruptions.






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