Australian Greens to recognize "Artsakh"... in case they find it on map

Fri 15 December 2017 20:41 GMT | 20:41 Local Time

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News.Az reprints an article by Farid Teymurkhanly from Vesti.Az

Yesterday was marked with orgy enjoynment of Armenians around the world, in which joy and incomprehensible hope were closely intertwined. And the reason for tap dance was that the Australian Green Party included the recognition of "Artsakh" in the program of the political platform.

The Australian Greens, which also confirmed the recognition of the "Armenian genocide," became one of the first non-Armenian political parties in the world to come up with a "principled position" for Artsakh, the Armenian National Committee of Australia reports.

The party position of the Australian Greens also includes an appeal to the government of the Commonwealth to officially recognize the independence of "Artsakh" and strengthen Australia's relations with "Nagorno-Karabakh and its citizens".

In connection with this "epoch-making" event, the Armenian media have spared no effort and time to trumpet this news. But the old tradition of Armenians is to mistake the wish for the reality. Well, the Greens recognized Artsakh, and what has changed in the geopolitical scenario? All the countries of the world rushed headlong, snapping on each other's heels, to recognize "NKR"?

However, the Greens pretty amused the pride of the representatives of the "most ancient" people. It's like an ugly woman with crooked legs and slanting eyes to compliment, saying that she is a worthy rival of Aphrodite.

And the Australian Green Party, apparently, simply has nothing to do. It is unlikely that any of them will be able to show on the map where Nagorno-Karabakh is. Instead of dealing with their direct duties and advocate for environmental protection, environmental cleanliness and so on, the Greens with the persistence of colorblind go to the "red light". Politics is not for you, especially since the Australian government has repeatedly recognized the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

The Armenians were so enthusiastic about spreading this news, although on the official website of the Australian Green Party there is no mention that they included the recognition of "Artsakh" in the program of the political platform. I wonder why they then thanked the party of Greens and competitively candidate Justin Alick, even if there is no mention of "Artsakh" on the Facebook page of this politician  (

However, maybe we are wrong, and the Greens, recognizing the "Artsakh", carry out one of the points of the party platform. The fact is that the Green fans of "Artsakh" actively propagandize and support same-sex marriages. And if you consider that same-sex relationship in Armenia and "Artsakh" is a norm (the Armed Forces of Armenia, which are a hotbed of sodom and gomorrah, is a vivid example), the intention of the Australian Greens to entice Armenian gays into their networks is quite understandable.

But I think that the successes of Armenians in recognition of "Artsakh" in the foreign policy arena will not be limited to this. It is not hard to imagine what kind of national holiday will be arranged in Armenia and "NKR" after the "Artsakh people" recognize the LGBT community. 




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