What will be the verdict on Karabakh from Nauru and Palau?!

Thu 24 May 2018 02:57 GMT | 06:57 Local Time

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The first Armenian-style act of street production with the enchanting victory of democracy is completed.

Serzh Sargsyan washed his hands, having secured the consent of the influential forces to preserve the loot, but his political legacy has not yet sunk. Much of the actual agenda retains not only the previous sound, but also the content.

Expectations for changes in the Karabakh problem are still dragging on, as Yerevan stills stands with its back to adequacy. This is done with the intention of raising the degree of tension in order to reliably block the prerequisites for analyzing diplomatic obstructions.

In other words, Yerevan acts according to the logic that conducts the case to the guaranteed preservation of the status quo, and for this purpose already scrambled funds are being put into action. The encouraging opportunities that could play in favor of clarity are being torpedoed.

An empty number is played out, so as not to approach the object. Here comes out the genius of Armenian political thought Shavarsh Kocharyan, whose face always depicted dullness.

His appearance, as a rule, entails a failure, and today the old-timer of the Armenian Foreign Ministry, following the traditional line, embodies the decline of the mind with a hint of a complete lack of perspective. Actually, this is what Armenian diplomacy seeks.

Appearing after a long absence in public, the Deputy Foreign Minister of Armenia for the joy of Nikol Pashinyan reports that the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs fully support the involvement of 'nkr' separatists in the negotiation process. The old sway in the new execution looks like a precondition, which completely undermines the basis of fragile opportunities on the way to compromises.

Kocharyan and his new boss are quite aware of Baku's attitude to the repeatedly voiced adventure. Despite this, the syndrome of flaccid brains firmly rooted in the consciousness of Armenian diplomacy is again stirring up the situation in the hope of a chance.

In the times of Heydar Aliyev official Baku once and for all buried Yerevan's persistent attempts and hope to drag separatists to the negotiating table. After the appearance of the Karabakh clique (1998) in the Armenian government, Baku forced Robert Kocharyan to resign himself to the fact that participation of representatives of an illegal subject in the negotiations is a stillborn idea. Everyone sort of resigned themselves to this. If so, what makes the cracked diplomats to take on the old and helplessly flounder in the stagnant waters of vicious diplomacy?

Dubbing stupid ideas is caused by the unwillingness to defuse the situation, so that the electrification will never be dissipated. It's from a great fear and not from a great mind.

Kocharyan and like-minded people are treading on the spot, owing to which they are shirking responsibility. However, this does not relieve the burden of responsibility. Diplomats must find ways out of the situation.

The provocation that led to the death of the Azerbaijani serviceman in Nakhchivan, crazy calls for the "liberation of new lands", other stupidities that only aggravate the systemic confrontation, can not lead to a uneventfullness. The acute shortage of reasonable actions of the aggressor prepares an explosive atmosphere for Yerevan itself. The explosion can occur any minute.

Updating the wrapper of the old power, backstage bosses felt that the job is done, and it would suffice to resuscitate the evil tradition in the Karabakh bloc - to reject all from the doorway. But even the longest day has an end.

Pashinyan, armed with the bad practices of his forerunner, can ensure that a new round of dialogue will die before it begins, and then Armenians will themselves be hostages of the situation.

This can not but burden either the residents of the disputed region, or the political elites of the parties, or the co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group. The dirty storyteller Shavarsh Kocharyan asserts that the mediators "spoke about the need for the participation of 'nkr' in the talks." This is not only hard to believe, but this even does smell since the co-chairs are aware of Baku's position. Since the 1990s, Azerbaijan has strictly conditioned the probability of involving separatists in the negotiations by the mandatory involvement of the Azerbaijani community of Karabakh into the talks.

Nothing extraordinary which could change Azerbaijan's visions has yet happened in the structure of the problem. Baku made it clear that, in the case of Minsk group's deviations, it either will reject its services or insist on replenishing the mediation group with new co-chairs.

In Yerevan, they can fantasize anything saying that progress is impossible without participation of separatists. They cite the difficulty of negotiating by proxy as a reason. The fact that the "nkr" is the creativity of Yerevan is today unknown probably only in Nauru or Palau. Yerevan has negotiated on behalf of the Karabakh people quite well, just like Baku represented the interests of Azerbaijanis in the region.

Progress is quite possible, but for this, Yerevan must clean the morale filters, and then the prospect will appear.




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