'Azerbaijani state determined to hold its socially oriented policy'

Tue 11 September 2012 05:20 GMT | 10:20 Local Time

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Ilham Aliyev

On September 9, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev attended the opening ceremony of the Zagatala Gozbarakh rural secondary school for 500 pupils.

According to the official website of the President of Azerbaijan, the President cut the ribbon to mark the opening of the school and got acquainted with the conditions in the school.

President Ilham Aliyev got acquainted with the conditions created in the classrooms, subject classrooms, the library, the cafeteria and the gym.

The Head of State expressed satisfaction with the conditions established in the school.

Then he spoke before the public representatives of the region:

"I congratulate you. Congratulations to all the inhabitants of the Gozbarakh village on the opening  of a beautiful new school. This is a great event. This village has never had such a school. The pictures of the old school are presented here. The fact that the school was built in a short time really shows how strong the Azerbaijani state is.

We met with you about four months ago. Immediately after the devastating earthquake, I came here to meet you. I remember the day, and that concern. And it was natural since people lost their homes in one day, the destruction was very great. But I remember what I said to you, 'Do not worry, in a short time all the houses will be restored and even more beautiful houses will be built’.  Judging by the house, which I have seen, conditions are really better than before. The fact that much work has been done in four months, it's really a great event. The entire work is done after the earthquake, the measures taken had one goal. The aim was to improve the living standards of people, quickly put them out of the difficult situation in which they were caught.

The place of temporary residence was defined and tents brought. Of course, living in a tent is very heavy. But what else we could do? The main thing was that we organized all the reconstruction work in the short term, as soon as possible. Houses are under construction and a school has been built. When I was here, people came to me with a request to build a nursery school and said: "There has never been a kindergarten. We ask to build a kindergarten”. And the kindergarten has been built.

The earthquake was really a big trouble, a great tragedy. Fortunately, there was no loss of life. Rescuers worked very quickly. The head office was created. The repair work indicates that we are able to withstand any natural disaster, and we are able to come out of this disaster with great honor. Of course, the repair work and reconstruction require very large resources. Then our Parliament amended the budget, additional funds were provided, through which the work began.

Over  3,500 houses were destroyed in Zagatala alone. That is, the earthquake caused the biggest damage to Zagatala. Other neighboring areas also had a great damage but it was the biggest in Zagatala. Construction of 3,000 houses is currently underway. 36 schools, of which 21 are in Zagatala, will be rebuilt.

Of course, the earthquake was a great challenge, a great tragedy, a disaster. But at the same time better conditions were created due to the earthquake. The house that I saw today is pleasing to the eye. This two-storey home, featuring  beautiful architectural elements, is probably twice as big as the old house of this family.

I should also note that all the work is done at the state expense. Natural disasters, floods, earthquakes occur in different regions, in different countries. Usually the state - that is, in the developed world - does not engage in such repair and restoration work. People themselves - their home insured – appeal to the insurance company and receive compensation, return to their homes. And we do not do this way. Not a single house is insured here, especially in rural areas. In fact, in the future we have to think about it.

This process has already begun in Baku. This must be done in the regions as well. Therefore, the state bears all the costs. That is, all the buildings, houses are built at public expense and donated to the people, which is another indication that the Azerbaijani government is determined in carrying out its socially oriented policies. A citizen of Azerbaijan, his life, safety and welfare are the focus of our policy. This serious disaster, the earthquake has once again demonstrated that Azerbaijan, confronted face to face with any trial, is able to overcome it with dignity.

In general, things are going well in Zagatala, the state program of socio-economic development of region is being implemented. Both the city and the villages see a great creative work. This program will allow us to address major socio-economic issues in the future. The picture I see now in this village makes me happy.  The construction works, involving the residents of the village, proceed actively. Construction of this beautiful school in four months, rehabilitation of houses, road construction demonstrate the power of the Azerbaijani state and intentions of the authorities of Azerbaijan.

I want to congratulate you on this wonderful event. I wish you a continued success. I wish that in the coming months all the other houses in the village were restored and people lived in a comfortable environment".





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