'We will continue to isolate Armenia from international and regional projects'

Tue 11 September 2012 10:55 GMT | 15:55 Local Time

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Ilham Aliyev

The cause for Armenia's grave economic situation is Azerbaijan.

The statement came from President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, APA reports.

"The main problem for Azerbaijan is the occupation of our lands by Armenia. Our lands are under occupation as a result of the aggression, aggressive policy of Armenia against Azerbaijan."

The president noted that this issue cannot find its solution because of the support of patrons of Armenians in the world to them. "It's despite the fact that there are all opportunities and legal framework for the solution of the issue. International organizations have adopted decisions and resolutions. Leaders of the leading countries of the world have made statements that this current situation is unacceptable and the status quo must be changed. Unfortunately, Armenia remains indifferent to these calls, and international community does not exert the due pressure and effect on it. This is the cause for the insolvability of the issue.We will continue to strengthen our country and our international positions. Legal grounds for the solution are sufficiently enough, and these grounds defend and support Azerbaijan's position. The UN, its Security Council, OSCE, the Council of Europe, European Parliament and other international organizations have adopted decisions which are the only path for the settlement of the conflict."

The head of state stressed that the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan is recognized by all countries, and this issue can find its solution only within the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

"There is no change in Azerbaijan's position regarding this settlement of this issue. We will not back off the path that we have taken. Nagorno-Karabakh is an eternal and historical land of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan must restore its territorial integrity. Occupiers must be and will be withdrawn from all the occupied lands. Azerbaijani citizens must and will return to their homelands. Our compatriots will return to the regions which are currently beyond administrative borders of former Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Province, and Nagorno-Karabakh, Khankandi and Shusha. I am convinced and believe in this, and there are enough factors to consolidate my conviction: International law, economic power of Azerbaijan, our military potential and increasing weigh of Azerbaijan in political arena. Only looking at the history of the last one year, we can see the successes of Azerbaijan.

We are a member of the respected international organization – the UN Security Council. We chaired this organization a couple of months ago. We entered this organization with the support of 155 countries. Recently, 120 member countries of the Non-Aligned Movement supported a resolution considering the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh issue within the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. 120 countries is the majority of the world. We in many cases hear the notion of international arena, and some organizations, some structures mean themselves when they say international arena. International arena is not an object that unites 20 or 30 countries. International arena is the UN, and 155 countries in the UN supported us. International arena is the Non-Aligned Movement.

There operate 120 countries. They too supported us. That is, the international arena supports our position and of course, it gives us additional opportunities and increases our confidence. But at the same time, the Minsk Group has been created for 20 years to solve this issue, but it cannot. It cannot exert the due pressure on Armenia. We see that this issue can and must be solved at the expense of the power of Azerbaijan.  Therefore, we must be more powerful. We must further strengthen our army and we do. At present the Azerbaijani Army is among mighty armies not on a regional, but on a global scale. We are advancing our country by strengthening our economic potential.

It enables us to conduct an independent policy on this issue. We make decisions based on national interests in foreign and domestic policy. Strong Azerbaijan is a strong regional factor, and a stabilizing factor. At the same time, it's already not possible not to account with Azerbaijan in regional issues. Attempts not to account with Azerbaijan brought no result and the recent history shows that. Therefore, the stronger we are, the sooner Azerbaijan will restore its territorial integrity.

We have an unambiguous position regarding the solution of the issue. I have repeatedly stated my opinions on this. The aggressive forces must be removed from all the occupied lands, and after that peace and cooperation can emerge in the region and the source of danger can be removed. So far, our lands are under occupation. Our number one target is Armenia. We will continue to isolate Armenia from all international and regional projects. This policy is bearing fruits and the cause for Armenia's difficult economic situation is Azerbaijan. This is unambiguous. According to their own statistics, 80,000 people have fled Armenia in the first half of the year. By the end of the year, this figure will probably double. The Azerbaijan's population is increasing and after 5-10 years, in general, the correlation of percents will be one to ten, maybe even less. These factors should make them think. Their grave economic situation, demographic situation and isolation from international issues must make them worry.

Meanwhile, Azerbaijan is stepping forward. Despite the occupation of our lands, we make great achievements and we increase them. A couple of days ago, respected international economic structure – The Davos Economic Forum placed Azerbaijan 42nd for economic competitiveness, the first place in the CIS space. Our affair is the affair of justice. We want the restoration of justice and we will achieve it. For us, the number one issue in our foreign policy, on our agenda in general, is liberation of the occupied lands. We are working day and night, and we will continue this activity."




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