Notorious Israeli journalist trying to sow discord between Azerbaijan and Israel

Fri 18 August 2017 11:15 GMT | 15:15 Local Time

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Notorious Israeli journalist Yossi Melman is trying to sow discord between Azerbaijan and Israel.

For several days now, the information space of Israel, as well as the South Caucasus, has been shaken by the scandalous report of Maariv-Hashavua correspondent Yossi Melman about the incident with the Israeli company Aeronautics in Azerbaijan. This information was immediately picked up by many other websites. However, none of them conducted an independent investigation. They only referred to the original source, that is, to Maariv. If they spent their efforts on the investigation, they would found that the whole story with the Israeli company and Azerbaijan is a fiction from the beginning to the end.

The author of the article, Yossi Melman, although one of the most famous Israeli journalists in the world and the author of numerous journalistic investigations and a dozen books, turned out to be a weak person and could not stand the test with money. He was fired from the Haaretz newspaper after more than 20 years of work. The same fate befell him only after a year of cooperation with Walla website for the fact that Yossi Melman took bribes in fairly large amounts. Over the years of work in journalism, he violated one of the basic requirements of journalism - social responsibility, integrity, objectivity in evaluation, ability to defend the truth.

It is also known that the Jerusalem Patriarchate of the Armenian Apostolic Church, created on the basis of the legacy and property of the Albanian church, has a great influence and wealth in Israel. Together with the Armenian Embassy in Egypt, led by Armen Melkonyan, who simultaneously heads the diplomatic mission of Armenia in Israel, as well as the rather large 10,000 Armenian lobby of Israel, the Armenians turned this journalist into a zealous critic and hater of Azerbaijan. Thus, from the pages of The Armenian Interest Yossi Melman has recently proposed to the representatives of Armenia that Israel had supposedly matured for work with Armenia, but the initiative must come from this state.

Even the one, who does not know much about foreign policy and the diplomatic landscape, understands that Armenians, no matter how much they work and how much money they spend, are too weak to change or at least somehow influence the friendly relations between Azerbaijan and Israel.




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