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Wed 13 Jul 2011 00:17 GMT | 04:17 Local Time

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Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev chaired the Cabinet of Ministers’ meeting on outcomes of socio-economic development during 6 months of 2011.

President Aliyev noted that, socio-economic issues were solved, GDP rose 0.9%, during this period. He noted that, it decreased compared to e year earlier due to reduction of oil extraction: “Our main purpose is the development of non-oil sector and diversifying of economy”. He also noted that, the growth in non-oil sector made 7.2%, in agriculture – 6.2% during the same period.

He stated that, population’s monetary income also increased by 17%. He said that, the Azerbaijani budget reached $20bn for the first time after amendments in budget and strategic currency stocks rose $9 bln. He noted that, Azerbaijan’s strategic currency stocks make $38bn: “We can ensure the development of economy, allocate additional financial resources for solution of population’s social problems”.

“Azerbaijani citizen is in the centre of our policy”, president said. According to him, execution of targeted social assistance program covering 125,000 families is being continued. Number of people living in poverty condition decreased by 5 times, during past 7 years. 38,000 work places were launched. At the same time, the programs on “Azerbaijani youth in 2011-2015”, as well socio-economic development of Baku and surrounding settlements in 2011-2013 were adopted this year.

Thereafter, Minister of Taxes Fazil Mammadov, Baku mayor Hajibala Abutalibov, Minister of Communication and Information Technologies Ali Abbasov, Chairman of Azersu OJSC Gorkhmaz Huseynov informed about the socio-economic development processes in the country, during 6 months.

“Our economic performances are the results of our conducted works and the processes in the country continue positively” said the president at the final speech and noted that, Azerbaijan had a firm standing in the region, spoke about the importance of Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway. He noted that, it was important the measures on keeping of macroeconomic stability, fulfillment of budget expenditure by 100%, socio-economic development of Baku and surrounding settlements to continue. He noted that, new terminal of Heydar Aliyev International Airport is being constructed. More new international airport will be constructed in Gabala. Speaking about construction of largest and modern seaport in Alat settlement, ship-building plant president noted that, number of metro stations will reach 30 during the next 4 years. President also noted that, military spending made $3.3 bln. President Ilham Aliyev noted that, it was important to establish industrial centers, development of ICT sector, entrepreneurship, tourism, solve the water and canalization problems during next 4-5 years.

President Ilham Aliyev: During six months of this year all socio-economic issues have been successfully resolved

During six months of this year all socio-economic issues facing the country were successfully resolved. Overall economic growth was not so high. Gross domestic product grew by only 0.9 percent. The reason for this decrease in oil production that was not dependent on us",- Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said.

The Head of the State noted that Azerbaijan has increased non-oil sector. Growth was 7.2 percent. "In fact, this is the result of reforms carried out by us in recent years, since our main goal is the development of non-oil sector to ensure diversification of the Azerbaijani economy. Indicators of non-oil sector that grew by 7.2 per cent, we are very pleased. This shows that the country is rapidly growing. Reduced dependence of the Azerbaijani economy from the energy factor. At the same time, it gives us hope that in the coming months and years will create additional opportunities for diversification of the Azerbaijani economy”, - he said.

The President stressed that good growth has been achieved in agriculture - 6.2 per cent. This is a good indicator. Income increased by 17 percent. But inflation rose by only 8.8 percent. This again suggests that there were good conditions for human well-being.

"In short, the overall development of our country during the past six months has been very successful, dynamic. All economic, infrastructural and social issues were solved. In the first half was amended in the budget. As a result, the first budget of Azerbaijan, our budget expenditures reached $ 20 billion, a record number. Of course, this allows us to provide additional year-end material resources to address critical infrastructure and social issues", - the President said.

President Aliyev emphasized that the growing strategic currency reserves of Azerbaijan. From the beginning, the nation’s reserves grew by $ 9 billion. This is an excellent indicator. We are dedicated to spend the proceeds on the scope necessary for the development of the economy, and at the same time increasing the reserves. In general, the present strategic currency reserves of the country are at 38 billion dollars. This is a very big figure, and I’m sure that by the end of the year it will grow. This allows us to provide the country’s economy, to attract additional financial resources to solve social problems of people. In short, to achieve the full development of the economy, he said.

According to him, in the first half of this year, as always, social issues were the focus of attention in this direction have been taken very important steps. “Was increased salaries of some categories of people who work in organizations financed from the budget. The biggest achievement is associated with an increase in pensions. As a result of decisions taken a few days ago, July 1, the average pension of pensioners who retired before 2006 increased by approximately 40 percent. Now comes the adjustment carried out the calculations. This is a very big increase. I can say that over the years, perhaps world-wide there was no similar events. In some countries, where there has an effect of financial crisis, pensions are not only not increase, and vice versa - are reduced, or curtail wages and social programs, lower wages and social security of people working in the organizations financed from the budget. And in Azerbaijan pension of about 900 thousand pensioners have increased by 40 percent. This is another indication that the policy of the Azerbaijani authorities socially oriented. In the center of the country’s policy is a citizen of Azerbaijan. All economic success allows us to take more serious steps in the social sphere. The President expressed his confidence that as a result of improved social welfare pensioners significantly improved financial position of about one million citizens of Azerbaijan” – he said.

The President noted that implementing a program targeted to a social assistance. Currently, the program covers 125 000 households. Monthly to each family assisted an average of 104 manat. This concern displayed by the Azerbaijani government on the poor segments of the population. "Our goal that I set a few years ago, lies in the fact that Azerbaijan was liquidated in such social ills as poverty. The experience of recent years shows that we achieve this goal. Over the past seven years, the number of people living in poverty decreased by 5 times. I hope that by the end of this year this figure will be reduced again. For to do this, comprehensive measures are taken. Economic policies, political stability, business development and agriculture, the allocation of loans and grants, purchase equipment and provide it to farmers on lease, the issuance of fertilizer and fuel to farmers on easy terms - all of these comprehensive measures, and implementation in our country, major infrastructure projects laying of transmission lines, construction of roads, including rural areas, carrying out gasification led to the current situation” – he said.

The Head of the State said that Azerbaijan has implemented several programs. Each of them has a specific meaning. No program is not just any intention, not of a nature lozungovy. At the core of each program is implementation arrangements, financial resources and thoughtful work schedule.

In the regions, including as a result of regional development programs, only six months of this year, was opened 38 000 new jobs, and this process continues. In recent years, was discovered about 1 million new jobs.

In the first half of this year were the adoption of two important programs. One of them is the "youth of Azerbaijan in 2011-2015". This program has been adopted recently and is specific. He expressed confidence that as a result of this program will be resolved important questions.

"We can say all the issues raised by young people in my meetings included to those programs. Were also analyzed proposals received from the field. I am confident that all issues identified in the program until the year 2015 will find a solution and thus will be provided and youth employment, and problems associated with her education, recreation, the formation of a special fund for the youth and the implementation of various programs to its line. The program is published in print, do not talk about it much. I want to say that this program will have great influence and we soon begin to implement it", - Ilham Aliyev said.

”The second most important program is a program of social and economic development of Baku and sub-urban settlements. This program is even more short-term - it covers the years 2011-2013. If we consider that half of 2011 is behind us, then for two years in Baku and in all suburban townships will be held tremendous creative work, landscaping. We started this work. Now towns are laid new water line. Steps are being taken for the construction of sewer lines, roads are paved. In most of these villages, most roads were dirt, were in disrepair. Once was rain or snow on them could neither walk nor ride. Today, every village laid great roads, building new schools, health centers, clinics, hospitals, existing repaired. That is, until 2013 should be updated all the infrastructure of villages. This is a very big target, a great program and it is very difficult to meet for two and a half years. I understand that, but at the same time, the goal that we have done this job for a short time", - he said.

According to him, if we mobilize all possibilities then we can achieve this. At the same time to define concrete measures for the employment of people living in villages. Including the National Fund for Entrepreneurship Development has begun the process of granting loans to suburban Baku. In subsequent years, certainly, the government will do this on a larger scale, to set up small refineries, small factories and implemented the necessary projects for agricultural development.

"These two programs are a product of 2011 and are another indication that we have a well thought-out policy, which covers all areas”, - Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said.

Azerbaijani President: “Armenia’s last actions are inconceivable”

The minimal pass mark demanded for participation in the contest is promising.

The Helsinki Final act is assumed as a basis and the change of “status-quo” is especially underlined in this declaration. In this case the Azerbaijani lands must be liberated. The third important factor is the increase of activity by the co-chair countries on the conflict’s settlement”, said Ilham Aliyev.

The head of state said that Armenia has not wanted the change of “status-quo” for 20 years.

Saying that the negotiations on settlement of Nagorno Karabakh conflict were held basing on Prague, then Madrid principles, the Minsk group co-chairs presented the renewed Madrid principles to the both sides in 2009. He said that Azerbaijan unambiguously accepted these principles at Sochi meeting initiated by the Russian president: “Armenia refuses to accept these principles under various pretexts. Informing about the significance of Madrid principles, the president said that the new situation was established, Azerbaijan was again demonstrating the constructiveness”.

The president also said that despite the attitude of the entire world, European organizations, especially the co-chair countries, Armenia’s actions in recent days are inconceivable.

Saying that “one of the main reasons of the international union’s activization in recent years is the existence of Azerbaijani state and army”, the president said that Azerbaijan was more interested in the quick settlement of this issue.

President: Negotiations on Nagorno-Karabakh conflict are on the decisive stage

“Negotiations on the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflicts are conducting long time and we are almost on the decisive stage of the negotiations. So would like to inform Azerbaijani people on the latest events that happened”, - Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said, APA reports quoting AzerTAc.

The Head of State firstly said that the last joint declaration by OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs are very encouraging and makes us feel satisfied. Because this statement referred to the Helsinki Final Act theses. The Helsinki Final Act is showed as a basis for resolving the conflict. There is no contrast between the principles of territorial integrity and the principles of self-determination of peoples, and the issue on resolving conflict in the framework of the countries’ territorial integrity.

According to him, the second important point is that the statement and subsequent statements the Co-Chairs said that the status quo must be changed, the status quo is unacceptable. This means that changing the status quo must ensure the liberation of Azerbaijani lands from occupation. Within last 20 years, the Armenian side has tried and tries to keep status quo unchanged and, thus, no change in the situation.

The third important point is the activity of Minsk Group co-chairs relating to this matter. "We see this activity, the public also knows this. Prior to the meeting in Kazan, I had a telephone conversation with President Barrack Obama. On the eve of the meeting in Kazan, French President Sarkozy has sent me a message related to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Kazan meeting, as you know, was held at the initiative of Russian President Medvedev. After meeting U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton turned to me with a message, and then I had telephone conversation with Hillary Clinton", - he said.

Aliyev said that after the meeting in Kazan, Azerbaijani Foreign Minister met with Minister of Foreign Affairs of France, and finally, President Medvedev sent to Baku of his foreign minister, who presented the message of the Russian President. That is, the mere enumerations of these facts indicate that the activity really reached a high limit, and we are very pleased and encouraged. Therefore, we hope that this activity will lead to real results. We see that currently co-chair countries are trying hard to basic principles were agreed upon as soon as possible and thus created the conditions for the preparation of a peace treaty. We also want this, want to, perhaps more than anyone else. Since this is our land, and the Armenian invaders for nearly 20 years of occupying them. The most interested side in the resolving this conflict is Azerbaijan”, - he said.

At the same time, the President emphasized that Azerbaijan has always demonstrated a maximum constructive. In 2004, the format of the talks appeared under the name "Prague process", and this process goes forward, was agreed some issues exchanging of views on complex issues in the negotiations. As a continuation of the Prague process, the parties were represented the Madrid principles. These principles consist of several paragraphs and were very general in nature. Azerbaijan in a very few exceptions generally adopted the principles. Based on these principles until the end of 2009 the OSCE Minsk Group, that is, all three co-chairs - the United States, France and Russia have presented both sides of the updated Madrid principles. It was in late 2009. In the beginning, rather, in January 2010, Russian President Medvedev invited the presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan in Sochi, where he held a trilateral meeting. At that meeting, Azerbaijan made clear that receives updated Madrid principles.
"We did not write these principles. We have not invented these principles. These were the principles which jointly presented and on which many years of working America, France and Russia. The Armenian side has not adopted these principles, and then we can say in the negotiations there is some congestion, as the regular meeting held within six months, in June 2010 in St. Petersburg", - President Aliyev said.

“What are the updated Madrid principles? I believe that this issue should not be any doubts and misunderstandings. I think the time has come to talk about it. First of all, there is provided for withdrawal of occupation forces of Armenia from the occupied lands. Included the immediate withdrawal of Armenian troops from five districts in five years - from the two regions and the return of Azerbaijani citizens to their native lands. These proposals also have been providing temporary status to Nagorno Karabakh. The functioning of the corridor between Nagorno Karabakh and Armenia was also in those principles. To ensure the safety of both Armenian and Azerbaijani population was necessary input to the region of peacekeeping forces. Also was to be ensured the return of all the people in the former places of residence”, - he said.

“In short, these principles are consist of them. Parameters of the corridor that connects Nagorno Karabakh with Armenia were also part of those principles. I believe that this option could be adopted. Of course, it is basic principles. On this basis, should be negotiated based on which is to be prepared a peace treaty. Of course, when it is ready to a peace treaty, the final decision to take the people of Azerbaijan. Updated Madrid principles put forward by the co-chair countries to continue the negotiations could be taken. Unfortunately, the Armenian side did not accept these principles, refused them, and then, in the negotiating process until mid-2010 appeared stagnant. And then began to put forward new proposals. Sometimes these deals are negotiated and changed the basic principles of negotiation that we had in the past seven years”- the Head of the State said.

“So now we face a new situation. Azerbaijan is interested in constructive negotiations. Azerbaijan has demonstrated its will in 2009 and in early 2010. Has shown once again that the commitment to peaceful negotiations and these negotiations must lead to a peace treaty. We are negotiating not just for the sake of negotiations or for simulating and creating visibility. Here, between Azerbaijan and Armenia, quite a big difference. Armenia always tries to make the status quo remain unchanged, aims to show that they were allegedly involved in the negotiations and demonstrate a constructive approach. Although they have always tried to disrupt the talks", - he noted.

President Ilham Aliyev said that Azerbaijan has clearly demonstrated its constructiveness. And today, ready to demonstrate, those principles. All citizens of Azerbaijan have to return to areas that are now under occupation. After that, peace can be established. After this, cooperation can be. With regard to the legal status of Nagorno-Karabakh, in the principles of 2009, it was stated that issue of the future, and if the parties consent it can be solved. That is, without the consent of Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh can not be any legal status. "That’s why I have repeatedly said, and today I want to say again that the separation of Nagorno-Karabakh from Azerbaijan, Nagorno-Karabakh granting independence or joining it to Armenia has never been and never will be the subject of negotiations. Neither the government of Azerbaijan, nor the people of Azerbaijan will never accept this", - Azerbaijani President said.

According to him, listing all of these issues shows the world the good will of Azerbaijan, which has always demonstrated a constructive approach in negotiations. At this stage, the whole world pays great attention to this issue. “Recently I visited European Union. The visit had great importance to strengthening ties between the EU and Azerbaijan. Most importantly, this visit was very important to choose the right directions for future cooperation between the EU and Azerbaijan. We feel close enough to our positions concerning the future of joint cooperation, so it should be. Since we intend to carry out long-term cooperation with the European Union. Therefore, each question must be marked clearly. Among the issues discussed and the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Messages, phone calls, the leaders of the co-chairs of the Minsk Group - with all this activity, a positive atmosphere is extremely inappropriate, absurd, hysterical statements by the Armenian government has recently acted contrary to the spirit of the negotiation process. We try not to miss this opportunity. We are trying at this stage to take steps so that the basic principles in a short time had been agreed", - President Aliyev said.

“The President stressed that the Armenian side does the same the other way around. Recent statements by the Armenian leadership show their intent. As such, they threaten to Azerbaijan by the war. Savages, who led a war against us, carried out against the policy of ethnic cleansing of Azerbaijanis, committed Khojaly genocide, now again threatened Azerbaijan by the war. Themselves were shaking with fear before the war and still threaten us with war", - He stressed.

The Head of State pointed out that perhaps one reason that observed in recent months, international activity is that the state of Azerbaijan is a strong state, and the Azeri army is a strong army. Everyone, including Armenia, wallowing in poverty, living at the expense of foreign handouts, it is known that Armenia and Azerbaijan are at disparate levels. "We develop, get stronger, our people are richer, our country is growing, and they live in poverty. Over the past six months 70 000 Armenians left the country forever. After 5-10 years there will be less than 1 million Armenians. That is, everyone understands that the processes are developing in this direction. Grow financial resources, political power in Azerbaijan, strengthening its regional position, increasing the army, rising population figures. Our population is growing, but their - is declining. After 5-10 years, the number of our population is 11 million, and they - one million people. Everyone understands what that means. We can decide these paths in their favor. Therefore, one of the reasons for this activity lies in the fact that as soon as possible to resolve the issue. We want this. But, again, based on proposals from the data itself by the Minsk Group", - Azerbaijani President said.

“We must think about future plans. Minsk Group should again come to the region. Now the situation is so. I would like to see and history, and current status, and, most importantly, the desire of Armenia again disrupt the peace process were clear to both the Azerbaijani and world public", - Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said.




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