Experts strongly criticize Iran general for his remarks

Thu 11 Aug 2011 03:50 GMT | 07:50 Local Time

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Iran seeks to trigger confusion in Azerbaijan.

Iran seeks to trigger confusion in Azerbaijan and Firouzabadi’s statement once again showed that enmity towards Azerbaijan lies in the essence of the Iranian regime.

The remarks came from Turkish expert on Iran issues Arif Kaskin while commenting on statement by Chief of the Staff of the Iranian army Hassan Firouzabadi criticizing Azerbaijan.

'Even though Iran tries to show itself as an advocate of a religion, it has never been sincere in its actions. If they are so close to religion and Islam, why then the regime supports Armenia in Armenia-Azerbaijan war? Why did Iran turn a blind eye when Armenians massacred Muslim Azerbaijanis? Why did Iran keep silent about Khojaly massacre and support Armenia? If Iranian regime was sincere about religion, it would not have helped Armenia to seize Shusha and Lachin. If they believe in Islam and religion so much, why they indicate Azerbaijan as their historical lands? I don’t think Iranian officials have an answer to this question,' the expert said.

Iran seeks to put pressure on Azerbaijan my misusing religion, the expert added.

What Firouzabadi has said once again showed that essence of the Iranian regime is built on an enmity towards Azerbaijan, the Turkish expert noted.

Firouzabadi’s remarks are a move announcing political and ideological war to Azerbaijan, Araz Atakhan, activist of the South Azerbaijan Independence Party, political expert, said from the Netherlands.

'The false Iranian history describes North Azerbaijan as “lowland” and presents Azerbaijani Turks as Iranians. Iran is concerned over Azerbaijan’s growing power and its independent policies. Hence such statements,' the party activist said.

In turn, Chairman of the Islamic Democratic Party Tahir Abbasli says Iran is a disgrace for Islam as they use religious values for political purposes.

'The fact that Hassan Firouzabadi threatens the [Azerbaijani] head of the state shows the true essence of Iranian authorities. The threats came from ayatollahs some time ago. Now it is Iranian military leadership that makes similar threats,' the party chief added.




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