Only Putin can help settle Karabakh conflict - MP

Fri 07 Oct 2011 06:18 GMT | 10:18 Local Time

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News.Az interviews member of the Azerbaijani Parliament Vahid Ahmadov.

May the new initiative put forward by Russian Premier Vladimir Putin to establish Eurasian Union be attractive for Azerbaijan?

Russia comes up with similar proposals very often. The proposals made earlier were an attempt to restore the former Soviet Union to a certain degree.

Now Russia makes a similar initiative. However, I don’t think the possible union would be promising for Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan has been pursuing independent policies especially after Ilham Aliyev was elected president. This boosts country’s economy even further. Therefore, I emphasize that membership in the Eurasian Union is not so important for Azerbaijan. Quite on the contrary, it is more advantageous for Azerbaijan to keep away from this kind of unions.

So, you see neither political nor economic benefits for Azerbaijan from the Eurasian Union?

Politics is directly linked with economy. It is difficult to conduct policy in absence of economic base. Of course, ideas can be put forward, but they will be incompetent in absence of an economic base.

As for prospects in the Eurasian Union, the countries will not seek to enter this new union, since each of them is trying to strengthen its independence as much as possible and to conduct an independent policy. The CIS can serve as an example where heads of states come together without solving any problems. Nevertheless, this practice of holding such meetings of heads of state is also necessary at least to be aware of ongoing processes in the CIS.

Does membership in the Eurasian Union mean to give up European integration?

As it is known, a centrifugal process is observed even in the EU. The issue of withdrawal of some countries from the European Union has been raised as of late due to financial problems and deepening economic crisis.

Does the present-day Russia have enough capacity to create a new power center in reality?

Russia is a powerful country with ample opportunities. The history of this state shows that it is sometimes strong and sometimes weak, however, still remaining a powerful state. Russia was rapidly developed during Putin’s presidential tenure. 

Some may not like the policy pursued by Putin. But, in fact, he protected Russia and achieved continuous development and paid off external debt of the country. I believe that Putin will be elected President again in the 2012 presidential elections. So, Russia will keep developing under Putin retaining the status of super power. Given the afore-said, I think Russia will become a center able to attract other states.

Can we expect Azerbaijan to solve its political problems in case it joins the Eurasian Union?

Azerbaijan has only one problem in political sphere – resolution of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Putin is the only person who can solve this problem. I think Putin has always had a good attitude towards Azerbaijan. This is evidenced by the fact that Putin always fulfills its obligations to Azerbaijan.

Therefore, I believe that Putin will have no problems in relations with Azerbaijan in case he is elected Russian president.

Mutual recognition of each other’s territorial integrity and good-neighborly relations contribute to smooth relations between the two countries.




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