'Release of Safarov will improve psychological mood of society'

Sat 01 Sep 2012 02:22 GMT | 06:22 Local Time

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News.Az interviews Zahid Oruj, a member of the Parliamentary Committee for Defence and Security.

How do you assess the release of Azerbaijani officer Ramil Safarov by the Hungarian authorities and his extradition to Azerbaijan?

This was the result of the purposeful work pursued by Azerbaijan. As a person who directly engaged in the affairs of Safarov from the first days of his arrest, I can say that all the work implemented for his release has been realized by the decision of President Ilham Aliyev. I, along with his colleague, MP Azay Guliyev, were engaged in the process of protecting the rights of Ramil Safarov namely by the will of the Azerbaijani President.

And now I can report that Azerbaijan during Safarov's stay in prison was twice able to negotiate with the Hungarian side to release him. However, the first time this arrangement was disrupted by the resignation of the President of Hungary, and the second time by the resignation of the minister of justice of this country.

In addition, I recall that at that time, i.e. when the incident happened with Ramil Safarov, in Hungary there was no embassy of Azerbaijan. Now I can report that the main purpose of establishment of the Azerbaijani Embassy in Hungary was to ensure the legal protection of Ramil Safarov. Azerbaijan in a short time was able to bring its relations with Hungary to the highest level. Along with this, the release of Ramil Safarov on the one hand was thanks to the efforts of Azerbaijan, on the other hand thanks to his personal behavior.

How do you assess the presidential decree on pardoning Safarov?

This is precisely the case where the Supreme Commander defended his officer. With this, the President of Azerbaijan has made a contribution to the liberation of Karabakh. The president has proved that he will protect his soldiers, his officers under any circumstances. We can say that the President of Azerbaijan with his decision only showed inconsistency of legal standards in the Hungarian court's sentence.

Safarov became a kind of symbol. His release will raise the moral and psychological mood of the society. This is because the people of Azerbaijan, due to the imprisonment of the Azerbaijani officer in Hungary, experienced a certain complex and anxiety. Azerbaijan, achieving the release of Safarov, thus demonstrated its strength as a nation.

How do the asses the actions of Ramil Safarov who murdered an Armenian officer?

Safarov's action is not an ordinary criminal case. There was an adequate action against an Armenian who trampled the Azerbaijani flag before the eyes of a man who has lost his land, and whose relatives and friends were killed in front of his eyes. That is, figuratively speaking, the verdict was passed not against Ramil Safarov, but against the Karabakh war. The Armenian side, seeking severe punishment of Ramil Safarov, wanted to demonstrate that Azerbaijan will not be able to liberate its homeland.

After all, Ramil Safarov committed this action not out of the desire to become a hero. The action of Safarov originated from impatience to insult, humiliation, trampling the names and symbols of Azerbaijan, regardless of where it occurs. It is regrettable and surprising that the Armenians themselves who for years killed Azerbaijanis regardless of their place of residence, remembered about humanity after the incident which occurred with Ramil Safarov.

Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Armenia Eduard Sharmazanov, estimating the order of President Ilham Aliyev to pardon Safarov said that this proves the politics of hatred towards Armenians and fascism of Azerbaijan. How do you assess Sharmazanov's approach to this issue?

Fascism is the fact of creation of party Dashnaktsutyun. Fascism is the occupation of Azerbaijani lands, genocide in Khojaly, massacre of millions of Turks, an act of terrorism in the Baku Metro. Fascism is also the policy pursued by the president of Armenia against his own people. Fascism is the rewarding of those Armenians who killed peaceful Azerbaijani population. Therefore, such statements come from the fact that the ruling circles of Armenia, including Sharmazanov, realize that they have lost the moral defeat. In addition, the deputy speaker of the Armenian parliament, first, should see the vandalism and aggressive policy of the state, and then blame the Azerbaijani side.




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