'Agreement during Hungarian Premier’s visit decisive in Ramil Safarov’s issue'

Sat 01 Sep 2012 01:49 GMT | 05:49 Local Time

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Newtimes.az interviews head of the foreign relations department of the Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan Novruz Mammadov.

Ramil Safarov is said to have been extradited to Azerbaijan and pardoned by the President of Azerbaijan.

Yes, he is in Azerbaijan. This is a great news for all of us. It is very touching to see this son of the homeland, which was thrown in jail after he defended his country's honor and dignity of the people.

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev signed an order to pardon Ramil Safarov, as soon as he set foot in Azerbaijan. The Head of State once again proved that he is the President of every citizen of the country.

But, unfortunately, there are people who have attributed Safarov’s return home to others. False information in connection with Safarov’s release was distributed. Everyone should understand that the extradition of Ramil Safarov to Azerbaijan is a sensitive topic. This issue carried a special political burden. The Armenian side has conducted anti-Azerbaijani campaign, invented various charges on this.

Therefore, steps to extradite Ramil Safarov to Azerbaijan were taken in a completely closed environment. Secret talks have been held under the serious control of President of Azerbaijan for about a year. At the same time Ilham Aliyev supervised the negotiations between the law enforcement agencies of Azerbaijan and Hungary for a long time. A crucial role in the resolution of this issue belonged to an agreement reached during the visit of the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Ramil Safarov was extradited to Azerbaijan through the determination and perseverance of the President of Azerbaijan.

There simply was not necessary to inform the public about this sensitive topic ahead of time. There is no doubt that our nation is well aware of and appreciate it. But some people have tried to gain dividends on this. They should have read the "Order of the President of Azerbaijan on pardoning Ramil Safarov" of 31 August 2012. Truth is presented there.




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